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Namesort icon Organization(s)
Lyon, Thomas University of Michigan
Lynch, Abigail Michigan State University
Luzar, Jeffrey Stanford University, The State University of New York
Lutz, David Dartmouth College
Lupi, Frank Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University
Luong, Thu-Huong Viet Nam National University
Luo, Junyan Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University
Lundquist, Julie University of Colorado
Luers, Lori H. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
Ludlow, Francis Yale University
Lubinsky, Pesach U.S. Department of Agriculture
Lu, Yaqiong University of California-Merced
Lowry, James University of New Orleans
López-Hoffman, Laura University of Arizona
Lopez-Carr, David University of California-Santa Barbara
Loor, Ignacio University of Manchester
Loomis, John Colorado State University
Loomis, John Colorado State University
Lookingbill, Todd University of Maryland
Lonsdorf, Eric Lincoln Park Zoo
Loiselle, Bette University of Florida
Loisel, Julie Texas A&M University
Loftin, Cynthia University of Maine
Llopis, Jorge, C. University of Copenhagen
Liu, Wei Michigan State University
Liu, Shan University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Liu, Rongkun Ohio State University
Liu, Kam-Biu Louisiana State University
Liu, Jianguo Michigan State University
Liu, Gang Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Liu, Desheng Ohio State University
Little, Joseph University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Lishness, Alan Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Linehan, Kerry Jean North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Lindkvist, Emilie Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
Linderman, Marc University of Iowa
Lindell, Catherine Michigan State University
Lin, Zhulu North Dakota State University
Ligmann-Zielinska, Arika Michigan State University
Liebman, Matthew Iowa State University
Liao, Wenjie French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
Liao, Chuan Cornell University
Liang, Zai SUNY at Albany
Li, Ying University of Queensland
Li, Shuxin Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University
Li, Juan Peking University
Li, Jianwei University of Kansas
Li, Jia Michigan State University
Li, Dapeng University of Utah
Li, Bai-lian University of California-Riverside
Lewison, Rebecca South Dakota State University
Lewis, Tammy City University of New York
Lewis, David University of Wisconsin-Madison
Levy, Morgan University of California - Berkeley
Levy, Marc Columbia University
Levin, Simon Center for BioComplexity, Princeton University
Levi, Taal University of California - Santa Cruz
Levi, Eva Marie University of Arizona
Levesque, Vanessa University of Maine
Letson, David University of Miami
Leslie, Heather Brown University
Leshko, Christina Michigan State University
Lerner, Michael University of Michigan
Lerner, Amy Princeton University
Lerman, Susannah University of Massachusetts
Lepczyk, Christopher University of Hawaii
Lenz, Joel Michigan State University
Lempert, Robert Rand Corporation
Lemos, Maria Carmen University of Michigan
Leite, Flavia University of Florida
Leisnham, Paul University of Maryland
Leib, Ronit Rutgers University
Lei, Hang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lehmann, Johannes Cornell University
Legaard, Kasey University of Maine
Lee, Tien Columbia University
Lee, Janice Ser Huay Princeton University
Lee, Eunju Cornell University
Leahy, Jessica University of Maine
Lawrence, Ted Foundation for Developing Sustainable Societies
Lawler, Joshua University of Washington
Lauria, Mickey Clemson University
Laurent, Arthur Oxford University/Sciences-Po
Larsen, Drake Iowa State University
Larsen, Ashley E. University of California-Santa Barbara
Laris, Paul California State University - Long Beach
Largouët, Christine Agrocampus Quest
LaPoint, Thomas University of North Texas
Lant, Timothy Arizona State University
Lant, Christopher Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Langen, Tom Clarkson University
Landon, Adam Texas A&M University
Lamsal, Abhishes Kansas State University
Lammers, Richard University of New Hampshire
Lambin, Eric F. University of Louvain, Belgium; Stanford University
Lambert, Max Yale University
Lam, Nina Louisiana State University
Laituri, Melinda Colorado State University
Lai, Derrick McGill University
LaDeau, Shannon Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies