Lee, Janice Ser Huay

Lee, Janice Ser Huay
Princeton University

I am interested in agricultural systems in Southeast Asia and how to balance increasing food production with the conservation of existing tropical forests as well as supporting livelihoods of rural communities. In the past I studied anthropogenic impacts on wildlife as well as the regional wild bird trade. In recent years, I became involved in the impact of oil palm expansion on land cover change in Indonesia and have been intrigued by the challenges of conservation and development in Indonesia. I plan to continue delving into issues on sustainable development, food security, and balancing food production with forest protection in the Asian context using various skill sets (e.g., GIS analysis, agent-based modeling, and social surveys) I have developed over the years.

Research Interests: 
Socio-ecological systems, Agent-based modeling, Land use change, Southeast Asia, Smallholder agriculture, Agricultural intensification