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Towards a more holistic sustainability assessment framework for agro-bioenergy systems — A review

Arodudu O.T.; Helming K.; Wiggering H.; Voinov A.

Environemental Impact Assessment Review 2017
Integration of ecological–biological thresholds in conservation decision making

Georgia Mavrommati, Kostas Bithas, Mark E. Borsuk, and Richard B. Howarth

Spatio-temporal assessment of agro-bioenergy systems-a Human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) approach

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, Helming, K., Wiggering, H., Erb, K.H, Voinov, A.A.

Sustainability assessment of agro-bioenergy production using net greenhouse gas balance indicators

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo

Spatial-temporal assessment of HANPP based LCA indicators for sustainability assessment of agro-bioenergy related ecosystem services

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo

Sustainability assessment of agro-bioenergy land use: Industrial agriculture vs. Ecological Agriculture


Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, Helming, K., Voinov, A.A., Wiggering, H.

Reconstructing energy efficiency of bioenergy from arable land

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, Helming, K., Voinov, A.A., Wiggering, H.

Reconstructing greenhouse gas balance indicators for agricultural bioenergy production

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, Helming, K

Applying HANPP for sustainability assessment of agro-bioenergy ecosystem services

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, Helming, K., Erb, K.H, Voinov, A.A., Wiggering, H.

Sustainability assessment framework for agro-bioenergy land use

Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo

Estimating the potential of roadside vegetation for bioenergy production. Journal of Cleaner Production


Voinov, A., Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, van Duren, I., Morales, J., Qin, L.


Journal of Cleaner Production 2015
Where to produce rapeseed biodiesel and why? Mapping European RME energy efficiency in different agro-ecological conditions

van Duren I., Voinov A., Arodudu, Oludunsin Tunrayo, Firissa M.T.

Renewable energy 2015
Divergences of Two Coupled Human and Natural Systems on the Mongolian Plateau

Chen, Jiquan; John, Ranjeet; Zhang, Yaoqi; Shao, Changliang; Brown, Daniel; Batkhishig, Ochirbat; Amarjargal, Amartuvshin; Ouyang, Zutao; Dong, Gang; Wang, Dan; Qi, Jiaguo

BioScience 2015
Researching farmer behaviour in climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture: Lessons learned from five case studies

Feola, Giuseppe; Lerner, Amy; Jain, Meha; Montefrio, Marvin JosephNicholas, Kimberly A.

Journal of Rural Studies 2015
Understanding the causes and consequences of differential decision-making in adaptation research: Adapting to a delayed monsoon onset in Gujarat, India

Jain, Meha; Naeem, Shahid; Orlove, Ben; Modi, Vijay; and DeFries, Ruth

Global Environmental Change 2015