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Towards a combined human-natural system approach in the Northern Red Sea Region: Ecological challenges, sustainable development, and community engagement

Ahmed Eladawy, Neil C. Mitchell, Takashi Nakamura, Momen El-Husseiny, Yuta A. Takagi, Nabil Elhady, Brook Muller, Sara Abdel-Hamid, Asmaa Mohammed, Kazuo Nadaoka, J.P. Walsh

Marine Policy 2024
Risks associated with global warming of 1.5 to 4 °C above pre-industrial levels in human and natural systems in six countries

R. Warren, J. Price, N. Forstenhäusler, O. Andrews, S. Brown, K. Ebi, D. Gernaat, P. Goodwin, D. Guan, Y. He, D. Manful, Z. Yin, Y. Hu, K. Jenkins, R. Jenkins, A. Kennedy-Asser, T. J. Osborn, D. VanVuuren, C. Wallace, D. Wang & R. Wright

Climatic Change 2024
How to identify transitional geospace in mountainous areas? An approach using a transitional index from the perspective of coupled human and natural systems

Wei Deng, Hao Zhang, Shaoyao Zhang, Zhanyun Wang, Maogui Hu & Li Peng

Journal of Geographical Sciences 2023
A Coupled Human and Natural Systems Framework to Characterize Emerging Infectious Diseases-The Case of Fibropapillomatosis in Marine Turtles

Costanza Manes, Raymond R. Carthy, Vanessa Hull

Animals 2023
Knowledge-Informed Data-Driven Modeling of Coupled Human-Built-Natural Systems: The Case of Hurricane-Induced Debris

Catalina González-Dueñas, Mitchell M. Meads, Jamie E. Padgett, M.ASCE, and Wesley E. Highfield

Natural Hazards Review 2023
Coupling strength of human-natural systems mediates the response of ecosystem services to land use change

Baoan Hu, Zuzheng Li, Huifeng Wu, Hairong Han, Xiaoqin Cheng, Fengfeng Kang

Journal of Environmental Management 2023
Global gateways as telecoupled human and natural systems: The emerging case of the Bering Strait

Sydney Waloven, Kelly Kapsar, Tobias Schwoerer, Matthew Berman, Jennifer I. Schmidt, Andrés Viña & Jianguo Liu

Ambio 2023
Coupled human-natural system impacts of a winter weather whiplash event

Irena F. Creed, Christopher M. Hewitt, Nora J. Casson, Alexandra R. Contosta, John L. Campbell, David Lutz, Anita T Morzillo

Ecology and Society 2023
Challenges and opportunities for modeling coupled human and natural systems

Yan Li, Shan Sang, Safa Mote, Jorge Rivas, Eugenia Kalnay

National Science Review 2023
Macrosystems as metacoupled human and natural systems

Flavia Tromboni, Jianguo Liu, Emanuele Ziaco, David D Breshears, Kimberly L Thompson, Walter K Dodds, Kyla M Dahlin, Elizabeth A LaRue, James H Thorp, Andrés Viña, Marysa M Laguë, Alain Maasri, Hongbo Yang, Sudeep Chandra, Songlin Fei

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2023
Foundations of Socio-Environmental Research - Legacy Readings with Commentaries 2023
Development of a graphical resilience framework to understand a coupled human-natural system in a remote arid highland of Baja California Sur

J. C. Lerback, B. B. Bowen, S. J. Macfarlan, E. Schniter, J. J. Garcia & L. Caughman

Sustainability Science 2022
Can Neo-Rural Initiatives Bolster Community Resilience in Depopulated Coupled Human and Natural System?: Insights From Stakeholder Perceptions in Central Spain

Roxane Sansilvestri, José Vicente de Lucio, Francisco Seijo, Miguel A. Zavala

Frontiers in Environmental Science 2022
Water Allocation, Return Flows, and Economic Value in Water-Scarce Environments: Results from a Coupled Natural-Human System Model

Cameron Wobus, Jared C. Carbone, Parthkumar Modi, Hannah Kamen, William Szafranski and Ben Livneh

Water 2022
Sustainability assessment of coupled human and natural systems from the perspective of the supply and demand of ecosystem services

Haimeng Liu, Lu Xing, Chengxin Wang, Haiyan Zhang

Frontiers in Earth Science 2022