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Total publications = 545
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Simulation models in farming systems research: potential and challenges

Feola, G., Sattler, C., Saysel, A.K.


Farming systems research into the 21st century: The new dynamic 2012
Reprint of: Parallel agent-based modeling of spatial opinion diffusion accelerated using graphics processing units

Tang, Wenwu; Bennett, David

Ecological Modelling 2012
Uncovering the spatial dynamics of wild rice lakes, harvesters and management across Great Lakes landscapes for shared regional conservation

Drewes, Annette; Silbernagel, Janet

Ecological Modelling 2012
Modeling the integration of stakeholder knowledge in social–ecological decision-making: Benefits and limitations to knowledge diversity

Gray, Steven; Chan, Alex; Clark, Dan; Jordan, Rebecca

Ecological Modelling 2012
Eliciting expert knowledge to inform landscape modeling of conservation scenarios

Price, Jessica; Silbernagel, Janet; Miller, Nicholas; Swaty, Randy; White, Mark; Nixon, Kristina

Ecological Modelling 2012
Space versus place in complex human–natural systems: Spatial and multi-level models of tropical land use and cover change (LUCC) in Guatemala

Lopez-Carr, David; Davis, Jason; Jankowska, Marta; Grant, Laura; López-Carr, Anna Carla; Clark, Matthew

Ecological Modelling 2012
Integrating LANDIS model and a multi-criteria decision-making approach to evaluate cumulative effects of forest management in the Missouri Ozarks, USA

Shang, ZongBo Shang; He, Hong S.; Xi, Weimin; Shifley, Stephen R.; Palik, Brian J.

Ecological Modelling 2012
Perception and decisions in modeling coupled human and natural systems: A case study from Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve, China

Wandersee, Sarah; An, Li; Lopez-Carr, David; Yang, Yeqin

Ecological Modelling 2012
Modeling human decisions in coupled human and natural systems: Review of agent-based models

An, Li

Ecological Modelling 2012
Agent-based modeling of the effects of social norms on enrollment in payments for ecosystem services

Chen, Xiaodong; Lupi, Frank; An, Li; Sheely, Ryan, Viña, Andrés; Liu, Jianguo

Ecological Modelling 2012
Figured worlds: Environmental complexity and affective ecologies in Fanjingshan, China

Aitkin, Stuart; An, Li

Ecological Modelling 2012
Understanding human decisions in coupled natural and human systems

An, Li; Lopez-Carr, David

Ecological Modelling 2012
Human drivers of national greenhouse-gas emissions

Dietz, Thomas, Rosa, Eugene

Nature Climate Change 2012
Inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to population-environment research for sustainability aims: a review and appraisal

Diana Hummel; Susana Adamo; Alex de Sherbinin; Laura Murphy; Rimjhim Aggarwal; Leo Zulu; Liu, Jianguo; Kyle Knight

Population and Environment 2012
Weak Ties, Labor Migration, and Environmental Impacts : Toward a Sociology of Sustainability

Xiaodong ChenKenneth A. FrankThomas Dietz and Jianguo Liu

Organization & Environment 2012