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Total publications = 533
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Human drivers of national greenhouse-gas emissions

Dietz, Thomas, Rosa, Eugene

Nature Climate Change 2012
Inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to population-environment research for sustainability aims: a review and appraisal

Diana Hummel; Susana Adamo; Alex de Sherbinin; Laura Murphy; Rimjhim Aggarwal; Leo Zulu; Liu, Jianguo; Kyle Knight

Population and Environment 2012
Weak Ties, Labor Migration, and Environmental Impacts : Toward a Sociology of Sustainability

Xiaodong ChenKenneth A. FrankThomas Dietz and Jianguo Liu

Organization & Environment 2012
Building green infrastructure via citizen participation: A six-year study in the Shepherd Creek (Ohio).

Mayer AL; Shuster WD; Beulieu JJ; Hopton ME; Rhea LK; Roy AH; Thurston HW

Environmental Practice 2012
Deforestation and landscape structure changes related to socioeconomic dynamics and climate change in Zagros forests.

Henareh Khalyani A; Mayer AL; Falkowski MJ; Muralidharan D

Journal of Land Use Science 2012
Drivers and Socioeconomic Impacts of Tourism Participation in Protected Areas

Liu, Wei; Vogt, Christine; Luo, Junyan; He, Guangming; Frank, Kenneth A.; Liu, Jianguo

PLoS ONE 2012
Relationship between floristic similarity and vegetated land surface phenology: Implications for the synoptic monitoring of species diversity at broad geographic regions

Viña, Andrés, Tuanmu, Mao-Ning, Weihua Xu, Yu Li, Qi, Jiaguo, Ouyang, ZhiyunLiu, Jianguo

Remote Sensing of Environment 2012
Decoupling of deforestation and soy production in the southern Amazon during the late 2000s

Macedo, MarciaDeFries, Ruth; Morton, Douglas; Stickler, Claudia; Galford, Gillian; Shimabukuro, Yosio

Dryland vulnerability: typical patterns and dynamics in support of vulnerability reduction efforts

Sietz, D.

Mainstreaming climate adaptation into development assistance: Rationale, institutional barriers and opportunities in Mozambique

Sietz, D., Boschütz, M. and Klein, RJT. 

Environmental Science and Policy 2011
Transfer of adaptation strategies in global drylands: Insights from a typology of vulnerability

Sietz, D., Lüdeke, MKB. and Walther, C.

Global Environmental Change 2011
Land market mechanisms for preservation of space for coastal ecosystems: An agent-based analysis

Filatova, Tatiana; Voinov, Alexey; van der Veen, Anne

Environmental Modelling & Software 2011
Coastal risk management: How to motivate individual economic decisions to lower flood risk?

Filatova, Tatiana; Mulder, Jan P.M.; van der Veen, Anne

Ocean & Coastal Management 2011
Ecosystem-based marine spatial management: Review of concepts, policies, tools, and critical issues

Stelios Katsanevakis, Vanessa Stelzenmüller, Andy South, Thomas Kirk Sorenson, Peter J.S. Jones, Sandy Kerr, Fabio Badalamenti, Christos Anagnostou, Patricia Breen, Guillem Chust, Giovanni D’Anna, Mike Duijn, Tatiana Filatova Fabio Fiorentino, Helena Hulsman, Kate Johnson, Aristomenis P. Karageorgis, Ingrid Kröncke , Simone Mirto , Carlo Pipitone, Susan Portelli, Wanfei Qiu, Henning Reiss, Dimitris Sakellariou, Maria Salomidi, Luc van Hoof, Vassiliki Vassilopoulou, Tomás Vega Fernández, Sandra Vöge, Anke Weber, Argyro Zenetos, Remment ter Hofstede

Ocean & Coastal Management 2011
Archaeological markers of agricultural risk management

Marston, John M.

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 2011