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Total publications = 540
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Social capital as an ecosystem service: Evidence from a locally managed marine area

Michele Barnes-Mauthe; Kirsten L.L. Oleson; Luke M. Brander; Bienvenue Zafindrasilivonona; Thomas A. Oliver; Pieter van Beukering 



Ecosystem Services 2014
Synthesis in land change science: methodological patterns, challenges, and guidelines

Nicholas R. MaglioccaThomas K. Rudel; Peter H. Verburg; William J. McConnell; Ole Mertz; Katharina Gerstner; Andreas HeinimannErle C. Ellis 

Regional Environmental Change 2014
Regionalisation of global insights into dryland vulnerability: Better reflecting smallholders’ vulnerability in Northeast Brazil

Sietz, D.

Global Environmental Change 2014
Agent-based modeling of hunting and subsistence agriculture on indigenous lands: Understanding interactions between social and ecological systems

Iwamura, Takuya; Lambin, Eric F.; Silvius, Kirsten M.; Luzar, Jeffrey; Fragoso, Jose Manuel

Environmental Modelling & Software 2014
Significance of Telecoupling for Exploration of Land-Use Change

Hallie Eakin; Ruth DeFries; Suzi Kerr; Eric F. Lambin; Jianguo Liu; Peter J. Marcotullio; Peter Messerli; Anette Reenberg; Ximena Rueda; Simon R. Swaffield; Birka Wicke; and Karl Zimmerer

Rethinking Global land Use in an Urban Era 2014
Applications of the Telecoupling Framework to Land-Change Science

Jianguo Liu, Vanessa HullEmilio Moran, Harini Nagendra, Simon R. Swaffield, and B. L. Turner II

Rethinking Global land Use in an Urban Era 2014
Smallholder farmer cropping decisions related to climate variability across multiple regions

Wood, Stephen; Jina, Amir; Jain, Meha; Kristjanson, Patti; DeFries, Ruth

Global Environmental Change 2014
Evaluating Conservation Effectiveness of Nature Reserves Established for Surrogate Species: Case of a Giant Panda Nature Reserve in Qinling Mountains, China

Weihua, Xu; Viña, Andrés; Zengxiang, Qi; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Liu, Jianguo; Liu, Wei; Wan, Hui

Chinese Geographical Science 2014
Assessing bioenergy potentials in rural areas-A NEG-EROEI approach

Arodudu O.T, Voinov A., van Duren I.

Biomass and Bioenergy 2013
Global economic value of shark ecotourism: implications for conservation

Cisneros-Montemayor, A.M., M. Barnes-Mauthe, D. Al-Abdulrazzak, E. Holm-Navarro and U.R. Sumaila

Oryx The International Journal of Conservation 2013
The Influence of Ethnic Diversity on Social Network Structure in a Common-Pool Resource System: Implications for Collaborative Management

Barnes-Mauthe, M., S. Arita, S.D. Allen, S.A. Gray and P.S. Leung

Ecology and Society 2013
The total economic value of small-scale fisheries with a characterization of post-landing trends: An application in Madagascar with global relevance

Barnes-Mauthe, M., K.L.L. Oleson and B. Zafindrasilivonona

Fisheries Research 2013
Forest Sustainability in China and Implications for a Telecoupled World

Jianguo Liu

Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies 2013
Spatial assessment of attitudes toward tigers in Nepal

Neil H. Carter; Shawn J. Riley; Ashton Shortridge; Binoj K. Shrestha; Jianguo Liu

AMBIO 2013
The Elusive Pursuit of Interdisciplinarity at the Human–Environment Interface

 Eric RoyAnita Morzillo,  Francisco Seijo,  Sheila Walsh,  Jeanine Rhemtulla, Jeffrey Milder, Tobias Kuemmerle,  Sherry Martin

BioScience 2013