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Total publications = 539
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Foraging segregation and genetic divergence between geographically proximate colonies of a highly mobile seabird

Wiley, Anne

Welch, Andreanna

Ostrom, Peggy

James, Helen

Stricker, Craig

Fleischer, Robert

Gandhi, Hasand

Adams, Josh

Ainley, David

Duvall, Fern

Holmes, Nick

Du, Darcy

Judge, Seth

Penniman, Jay

Swindle, Keith

Oecologia 2012
Archaeological fuel remains as indicators of ancient west Asian agropastoral and land-use systems

Naomi F. Miller; Marston, John M.

Journal of Arid Environments 2012
Agricultural strategies and political economy in ancient Anatolia

Marston, John M.

American Journal of Archaeology 2012
Environmental change, agricultural innovation, and the spread of cotton agriculture in the Old World

Elizabeth Baker Brite; Marston, John M.

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 2012
Modeling the Complexities of Water, Hygiene, and Health in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Mellor, Jonathan E. and Smith, James A. and Learmonth, Gerard P. and Netshandama, Vhonani O. and Dillingham, Rebecca A.

Environmental Science & Technology 2012
Diagnosing Social-Ecological Systems: The New Exploration of Elinor Ostrom

Jingjing Cai

Economic Perspectives 2012
Effects of land markets and land management on ecosystem function: A framework for modelling exurban land-change

Robinson, Derek; Sun, Shipeng; Hutchins, Meghan; Riolo, Rick; Brown, Daniel; Parker, Dawn; Filatova, Tatiana; Currie, William; Kiger, Sarah

Environmental Modelling & Software 2012
The relationship between leaf hydrophobicity, water droplet retention, and leaf angle of common species in a semi-arid region of the western United States

Curtis D. Holder

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2012
The role of remittances and decentralization of forest management in the sustainability of a muncipal-communal pine forest in eastern Guatemala

Curtis D. Holder and Gregory Chase

Environment, Development and Sustainability 2012
Context-Specific Energy Strategies: Coupling Energy System Visions with Feasible Implementation Scenarios

Trutnevyte, E.; Stauffacher, M.; Schlegel, M.; Scholz, R.W.

Environmental Science & Technology 2012
Church Affiliation and Meat Taboos in Indigenous Communities of Guyanese Amazonia

Luzar, Jeffrey; Silvius, Kirsten; Fragoso, Jose Manuel

Human Ecology 2012
Shamanism, Christianity and Culture Change in Amazonia

Luzar, Jeffrey; Fragoso, Jose Manuel

Human Ecology 2012
Resilience and the Cultural Landscape: Understanding and Managing Change in Human-Shaped Environments 2012
Climate-change impacts on understorey bamboo species and giant pandas in China’s Qinling Mountains

Tuanmu, Mao-Ning; Viña, Andrés; Winkler, Julie; Li, Yu; Xu, Weihua; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Liu, Jianguo

Nature Climate Change 2012
Atmospheric reactive nitrogen in China: sources, recent trends, and damage costs

Environmental Science & Technology 2012