Project Title Location
Assessing the Potential for Climate Change and Forest Insects to Drive Land-Use Regime Shifts
Visualizing Forest Futures Under Climate Uncertainty: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Decision-Support Tools for Collaborative Decision Making
Interactions Between Human Perspectives and Natural System Dynamics in the Restoration of Riparian Forests in the Southwestern U.S.
Coupling of Physical Infrastructure, Green Infrastructure, and Communities
Pastoral Territory as a Dynamic Coupled System
Amazon Dams Network: Advancing Integrative Research and Adaptive Management of Social-ecological Systems Transformed by Hydroelectric Dams
Energy Transitions and Environmental Change in East and Southern Africa's Coupled Human, Terrestrial, and Atmospheric Systems
Multi-Scale Coupled Natural-Human System Dynamics of Nitrogen in Residential Landscapes
Andes Bofedales and Cattle: The Impacts of Changing Hydrology and Glacial Retreat on Community Livelihoods in Peru's Cordillera Blanca
Adaptation, Mitigation, and Biophysical Feedbacks in the Changing Bonneville Salt Flats
Scale-Dependent Feedbacks Among Protected Areas and Surrounding Socioecological Systems
Land transactions and investments: Impacts on agricultural production, ecosystem services, and food-energy security
The Dynamics of Adaptation to Climate-Driven Variability in California Current Fisheries And Fishing Communities
Slowing the Expansion of Woodlands and Increasing the Resilience of Grasslands in the Southern Great Plains Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
Competing Demands and Future Vulnerability of Groundwater: Drinking Water Quality and Food Security in Arsenic-Impacted South and Southeast Asia
Investigating the Dynamic Intersections Among Economic Development, Urbanization, and Forest Degradation Mozambique
Legal, Economic, and Natural Science Analyses of Wind Plant Impacts and Interactions
A Model for Groundwater Allocation and Management at the Bakken Shale in Western North Dakota North Dakota
The Coupled Human Health and Environmental Dynamics of Schistosomiasis Senegal river system, East Africa
Bridging Communities and Scales Through a Global Transdisciplinary Mountain Sustainability Network
The Dynamics of Multi-Scalar Adaptation in Megacities Mexico
Forest Governance and Climate Change in Driving Native Insect Outbreaks
Sound as an Element in Coupled Natural and Human Systems
Synergies and Feedbacks Between Local Direct Democracy and Large-Scale Biodiversity Conservation Efforts California
Processes and Factors Affecting Humans and Wildlife As Coupled Systems Across a Sociocultural Gradient India and Malayasia
A Telecoupling Model to Account for Spatial Subsidies of Ecosystem Services Provided by Transboundary Migratory Species in North America
Complex Dynamics of Telecoupled Human and Natural Systems Brazil, China and the United States
Linkages Among Farmer Decision Making, Beneficial Bird Species, and Pest Management in Fruit-Growing Systems
Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Small-Scale Fishing Communities and Coastal Marine Ecosystems to Environmental and Economic Variability Baja California Sur, Mexico
The Potential for Aquaculture in Lake Victoria and Implications for Wild Fisheries and Fish Commodity Markets Lake Victoria
Coupled Social and Ecological Consequences of Conservation Easements
Linking Land-Use Decision Making, Water Quality, and Lake Associations to Understand Human-Natural Feedbacks in Lake Catchments Northeastern and Midwestern United States
Understanding the effective processes by which communities manage tropical forests
Adaptive Coupling of Human Environment Linkages in Response to Globally Driven Changes in Subsistence in Rural Alaska Alaska
The New 100th Meridian: Urban Water Resiliency in a Climatic and Demographic Hot Spot Texas
Coastal Processes and Human Response to Shoreline Change New Jersey and Massachusetts coasts
The Coupled Dynamics of Human-Dryland River Systems: Linkages and Feedbacks Between Human and Environmental Drivers of Water Quality and Human Health Africa
Quantifying Linkages Among Land-Use Policies, Agricultural Intensification, Habitat Fragmentation, and Social-Ecological Resilience in a Tropical Biological Corridor Costa Rica
A Social-Ecological Analysis of Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems of the Upper Midwest Iowa, Illinois and Michigan
The Effects of China's Grain-for-Green Program on the Dynamics of Coupled Natural-Human System in Rural China China
An Analysis of Disturbance Interactions and Ecosystem Resilience in the Northern Forest of New England New England
Managing Impacts of Global Transport of Atmosphere-Surface Exchangeable Pollutants in the Context of Global Change The Laurentian Great Lakes
Climate Effects on Tea Quality and Socioeconomic Responses China
Coupling Burning Practices, Vegetation Cover Change, and Fire Regimes to Determine Fire-Emission Dynamics West African Savanna
Coping with Change: Water Availability and Arid Land Management American Eastern Sierra
Pastoralism in Transition: Linking Localized Interactions and System Behavior to Evaluate Social-Ecological Vulnerability Kenya
Assessing Vulnerability of Provisioning Services in the Southern Highlands of Ethiopia Ethiopia
Socio-Ecosystem Dynamics of Human-Natural Networks on Model Islands French Polynesia
Coupled Climate, Cultivation, and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape Central Great Plains
Ecosystems and Societies: Divergent Trajectories and Coevolution Mongolian Plateau