An Analysis of Disturbance Interactions and Ecosystem Resilience in the Northern Forest of New England

This project will expand a widely used simulation model to study how natural processes interact with changing social and economic pressures to determine the sustainability of forests. Researchers will examine patterns and causes of land use and forest conversion in one of the major remaining forests of the U.S., the woods of northern New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Two main questions are how changes in land ownership affect management decisions, and whether decisions based on short-term economic interests increase the vulnerability of forest to natural disturbances.

The woods of the far northeastern U.S. are a nationally important source of forest products and recreation. This project will help managers anticipate the long-term consequences of alternative policies and better maintain our domestic access to timber and paper. Outcomes will be disseminated to policy makers and land managers via publication in a policy review, a U.S. Forest Service symposium, and the model user group. The project will also train an undergraduate.

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