Project Title Location
Wetlands in a Working Landscape: Links Among Landowner Decisions, Climate, Disease Ecology and Metapopulation Dynamics
The Emergence of Adaptive Governance Arrangements for Tropical Forest Ecosystems
When Strengths Can Become Weaknesses: Emerging Vulnerabilities in Coupled Natural Human Systems under Globalization and Climate Change
Water Quality and Environmental Health in Botswana: Coupled Dynamics in a Water-Scarce Environment
Collaborative Research: Optimization of Urban Designs for Air Quality and Energy Efficiency
CNH: Collaborative Research: Hydrologic Transformation and Human Resilience to Climate Change in the Peruvian Andes
CNH: Does Community-Based Rangeland Ecosystem Management Increase the Resilience of Coupled Systems to Climate Change in Mongolia?
CNH: Collaborative Research: Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia and Land Use in the Watershed: Feedback and Scale Interaction
CNH: Strengthening Resilience of Arid Region Riparian Corridors: Ecohydrology and Decision Making in the Sonora and San Pedro Watersheds
CNH/EID: The Vector Mosquito Aedes aegypti at the Margins: Sensitivity of a Coupled Natural and Human System to Climate Change
CNH: Acequia Water Systems Linking Culture and Nature: Integrated Analysis of Community Resilience to Climate and Land-Use Changes
CNH: Fishscape: Complex Dynamics of the Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishery
CNH: Climate Change, Hydrology, and Landscapes of America's Heartland: A Multi-Scale Natural-Human System
CNH: Collaborative Research: Explaining Socioecological Resilience Following Collapse: Forest Recovery in Appalachian Ohio
CNH: Spontaneous Silviopastoral Landscapes: Origins, Extent, and Ecological Significance in the Ecuadorian Amazon
CNH: Coupled Natural and Human Systems in Fire-Prone Landscapes: Interactions, Dynamics, and Adaptation
CNH: Fine-Scale Dynamics of Human Adaptation in Coupled Natural and Social Systems: An Integrated Computational Approach Applied to Three Fisheries
CNH: Assessing and Adaptively Managing Wildfire Risk in the Wildland-Urban Interface
CNH: Hyper-Extractive Economies and Sustainability: Policy Scenarios for Sustainable Water Use in the High Plains Aquifer
CNH: RCN: A Research Network for Computational Modeling in the Socioecological Sciences
CNH: Collaborative Research: Climate Change and Responses in a Coupled Marine System
Collaborative Research: Coupling Human Choice and Biogeochemical Cycling in Urban Ecosystems
CNH: Collaborative Research: Climatic Extremes, Mining, and Mycobacterium Ulcerans: A Coupled Systems Approach
CNH: Collaborative Research: Coupled Natural Human Systems in the Chicago Wilderness: Evaluating the Biodiversity and Social Outcomes of Different Models of Restoration Planning
Collaborative Research: The Proper Scale for Environmental Markets with Application to Nitrogen Trading in the Neuse River Basin
CNH: Social-Ecological Dynamics of Aquatic Species Invasions on a Lake-Rich Landscape
CNH: Coupled Natural-Human Systems and Emerging Infectious Diseases
CNH: Collaborative Research: Modeling the Dynamics of Harmful Algal Blooms, Human Communities, and Policy Choices Along the Florida Gulf Coast
“Including Humans”: Practitioners’ views on the roles of social science in ecosystem-based management
An Integrated Social and Ecological Modeling Approach to the Impacts of Agricultural Conservation Practices on Water Quality
Balancing biodiversity and human land use? Interactive effects of leaf harvest, grazing and fire on plant populations and communities in the Western Ghats, India India
Pastoralists and the state in Iron Age and Medieval Sweden Småland, Sweden
Environment as Agent and Actor in Iron Age, Medieval, and Early Modern Ulster Northern Ireland
Migration as an Adaptation Strategy: Lessons from Coastal Bangladesh Bangladesh
Land use pressure and climate impacts on fire regimes and forest regeneration in the upper Tuul River watershed, Mongolia Mongolia
Creating a Global Network for Freshwater: Phase I, Developing Websites to Share Fresh Water Databases between Research Institutions in Latin America and the U.S.A. USA and Latin America, Global
IPY: Long Term Human Ecodynamics in the Norse North Atlantic: cases of sustainability, survival, and collapse. Iceland, SW Greenland, Orkney, Faroes, Shetland
How Environmental Conditions Determine the Effect of an Alternative Income Program on Resource Extraction
Unstable Ecological-Economic Equilibria: The Effects of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Restoration on Nutrient Management Compromise in Lake Erie
Trade-offs between poverty and conservation: economic inequality is linked to decreased deforestation and fragmentation in the Peruvian Amazon
The Land Use Legacy Effect: including temporal context in understanding lake eutrophication
The Dynamics and Sustainability of Hunting: Landscape-scale Management Implications for Amazonia
A systems framework and methodology for geospatial assessment of ecosystem services
Contrasting ecology and culture in Mediterranean ecosystems of Portugal and California
Regional land use conversion involving forestry and agriculture land in the context of using biomass for bioenergy
Assessing potential tradeoffs for carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, and fire risk mitigation with climate change and fire management on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA
Valuing the climate benefits from informal waste recycling in Bogotá, Colombia
Smallholder farming in northern Potosi, Bolivia: challenges to local adaptive coupling in an Andean setting
The influence of changes in climate means versus changes in climate variability on crop yields in Tanzania
Social capital and private forests: the role of personal networks in environmental decision-making