Project Title Location
Tropical Reforestation Network: Building a Socioecological Understanding of Tropical Reforestation
Linking Livestock Markets and Grazing Practices with the Nutritional Ecology of Grasses and Locusts Under Alternative Property Rights Regimes Australia, western Africa
Small Natural Features with Large Ecosystem Functions in Urbanizing Landscapes
Diversity and Disease in a Post-Trauma Urban Landscape New Orleans
The Emergence of Coupled Natural and Human Landscapes in the Western Mediterranean Four Neolithic sites in Spain and Italy
Balancing Water Needs and Water Uses for Humans and Nature French Broad River, Southern Appalachians
Experimental frameworks for evaluating net effects of hydrologic service payments on coupled social-ecohydrological systems
An ecological trap for parasites and its impacts on human disease risk, nutrition, and income
NSF awards for CNH 2013-2014
SLUCE 2: Spatial Land Use Change and Ecological Effects at the Rural-Urban Interface: Interactions of Exurban Land Management and Carbon Dynamics
Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors (VECTORS)
Changing climate – changing behavior: integrating adaptive economic behavior in land-use models
Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability through Integrated Social and Ecological Research in Sub-Saharan Africa: The ClimAfrica Project. Sub-Saharan Africa
CNH: Agroecosystem-Based Climate Resilience Strategies in the Blue Nile Headwaters of Ethiopia
CNH: Feedbacks Between Human Community Dynamics and Socioecological Vulnerability in a Biodiversity Hotspot
CNH: Cooking Up Clean Air: Scaled-Up Air Quality and Health Impacts of Clean Cookstoves in Ghana
CNH-Ex: Shifting Land Use and Forest Conservation: Understanding the Coupling of Social and Ecological Processes Along Urban-to-Rural Gradients
CNH: From Farm Management to Governance of Landscapes: Climate, Water, and Land-Use Decisions in the Argentine Pampas
CNH-Ex: Land, Water, and Territory: A 3,000-Year Study of Niche Construction and Cultural Evolution in the Tikal National Park, Guatemala
CNH: Exploring Social, Ecological, and Hydrological Regime Shifts in the Logone Floodplain of Cameroon
CNH: Enhancing Resilience of Coastal Ecosystems and Human Communities to Oceanographic Variability: Social and Ecological Feedbacks
CNH: Social-Ecological Complexity and Adaptation in Marine Systems
CNH: Coupled Natural-Human Dynamics in a Vulnerable Coastal System
CNH: Urban Disamenities and Pests: Coupled Dynamics of Urban Mosquito Ecology and Human Systems Across Socioeconomically Diverse Communities
CNH: Pluvials, Droughts, Energetics, and the Mongol Empire
CNH-Ex: Conflict and Fisheries in the Lake Victoria Basin
CNH: Indigenous Fire Regimes, Land-Use Ecology, and Contemporary Livelihoods in Northern California
CNH-EX: Monsoon Harvests: Assessing the Impact of Distributed Storage Tanks on the Vulnerability of Subsistence-Level Agriculture in Tamil Nadu, India
CNH-Ex: The Influence of the Size of Protected Areas on Their Ecological and Economic Effectiveness
CNH-Ex: Ecology, Culture, and Outcomes: Linking Human Perceptions and Socio-Ecological Thresholds for Ecosystem Restoration (ECO-Link)
CNH: Impacts of Ecosystem Service Payments in Coupled Natural and Human Systems
Water Quality and Ecosystem Management: A Catchment Planning Approach
Removal and Restoration: Social, Economic and Ecological Dynamics of Invasive Spartina in San Francisco Bay
Hydrology, Ecology, and Pastoral Societies in the Sahel: Ephemeral and Perennial Water Resources in a Dynamic Coupled System
Impacts of Global Change Scenarios on Ecosystem Services from the World's Rivers
Long-Term Vulnerability and Resilience of Coupled Human-Natural Ecosystems to Fire Regime and Climate Changes at an Ancient Wildland Urban Interface
Diversification, Portfolio Effects, and the Sustainability of Fishing Communities
A Global Sustainable Soundscape Network
Global Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis in the Evaluation of Social-Ecological Resilience: Theoretical Debates Over Infrastructure Impacts on Livelihoods and Forest Change
Institutional Dynamics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Longitudinal Analysis of Snowmelt-Dependent Agricultural Systems
The Complexities of Ecological and Social Diversity: A Long-Term Perspective
Co-Evolution of Upstream Human Behavior and Downstream Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate
Aligning Marine Management Institutions with Key Ecological and Economic Linkages in the Gulf of California, Mexico
Understanding the Consequences of Water-Use Decisions in a Dynamic Environment
Political Fragmentation in Local Governance and Water Resource Management
Land-Use Intensification and Protected-Area Vulnerability in Africa's Albertine Rift
The Collapse of the Ancient Maya: Interdisciplinary Research on Society and the Environment
Interactive Dynamics of Wildlife Populations, Human Health and Household Wealth in Rural Africa
Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems in the Colorado Front Range Wildland/Urban Interface: Causes and Consequences
People, Water, and Climate: Adaptation and Resilience in Agricultural Watersheds