Project Title Location
Science, information, and governance in U.S. drought planning and management
The Challenge of Predicting Future Urban Water Demand: A System Dynamics Modeling Approach
Developping frameworks for the interdisciplinary analysis of ecosyhstem services Pacific Coast of Mexico
Landscape Design Guidelines for Mitigating Human Rick of Exposure to Lone Star Tick-Associated Pathogens St. Louis, MO
Lakefront Project Chicago
Assessing Integrated Ecological Effects of land use change based on Ecosystem Services
A Strategic Planning Tool for Targeted Buffer Restoration and Enhanced Coastal Stewardship
The Pesticide Paradox: The Political Ecology of Vegetables and Global Food Regulation in Costa Rica Northern Cartago and Ujarrás Valley, Costa Rica
Paleoclimate shocks: environmental variability, human vulnerability, and societal adaptation during the last millennium in the Greater Mekong Basin Southeast Asia
Towards an Integrated Framework for Climate Change Impact Assessments for International Market Systems with Long-Term Investments Michigan, central Europe
Dynamics of coupled human and natural systems: Spatial land use changes and ecological effects of mega-urbanization (EcoDynamics) Karachi
Resilience of integrated agri-aquaculture systems in subtropical NE Argentina Misiones Province
Coupled Natural-Human Systems and Emerging Infectious Diseases: Anthropogenic environmental change and avian influenza in Vietnam
Urban growth, vulnerability and adaptation: social and ecological dimensions of climate change on the Coast of Sao Paulo São Paulo State, Brazil
A Well-Founded Fear of Climate Extremes? Tracing the Footprint of Environmental Migrants
Poyang Lake Ecology Study Jiangxi Province, PRC
Sustainability in Communal Socio-Ecological Systems (SUCSES)
Interactive Changes of Ecosystems and Societies on the Mongolian Plateau: Mongolian Plateau
CAREER: Pastoral Management of Open Access: The Emergence of a Complex Adaptive System Logone floodplain, Cameroon
Urban Vulnerability to Climate Change: A System Dynamics Analysis
Urban Landscape Patterns: Complex Dynamics and Emergent Properties Seattle, Phoenix
Understanding the Importance of Weak-Tie Networks in Complex Human-Environment Systems: Ecosocial Feedback in Multifunctional Agriculture NY, WI, MN
Understanding Linkages Among Human and Biogeochemical Processes in Agricultural Landscapes Chesapeake Bay, US Midwest
Understanding and Modeling the Scope for Adaptive Management in Agroecosystems in the Pampas: Response to Interannual and Decadal Climate Variability and Other Risk Factors Pampas of central-eastern Argentina
Toward Integration of Industrial Ecology and Ecological Engineering
The Kuril Biocomplexity Project: Human Vulnerability and Resilience to Subarctic Change Kuril Island chain, NW Pacific
The Interactions of Climate Change, Land-Management Policies, and Forest Succession on Fire Hazard and Ecosystem Trajectories in the Wildland-Urban Interface
The Impact of Economic Globalization on Human Demography, Land Use, and Natural Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean
The Driving Forces and Environmental Consequences of Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in the Upper Yangtze Basin of China: A Multi-Scale, Integrative Approach Upper Yangtze Basin of China
The carbon balance of Lake Superior: Modeling lake processes and understanding impacts on the regional carbon budget
Suburbanization, Water Use, Nitrogen Cycling, and Eutrophication in the 21st Century: Interactions, Feedbacks, and Uncertainties in a Massachusetts Coastal Zone Northeastern Massachusetts
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Engineered Crop Genes: Natural and Human Constraints and Consequences US and Mexico
Spatial Land-Use Change and Ecological Effects (SLUCE): Interactions of Exurban Land Management and Carbon Dynamics.
Simulating Complexity in a Dynamic Landscape: Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Nang Rong, Thailand Nang Rong, Thailand
Pre-Contact Intensive Agriculture and Society in Kohala, Hawaii Kohala, Hawaii
Net Carbon Transport and Reaction in the bottom Boundary Layer of an Upwelling Margin
Modeling Complex Interactions of Overlapping River and Road Networks in a Changing Landscape Puerto Rico
Long-Term Coupled Socioecological Change in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico American Southwest and Northern Mexico
Linking Human and Biophysical Processes in Coastal Marine Ecosystems of Baja California Baja California
Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project (Proposal title: Land-Use and Landscape Socioecology in the Mediterranean Basin: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of the Long-Term Interaction of Human and Natural Systems) Mediterranean Basin
International Network of Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS_Net)
Interactions Between Changing Climate and Technological Innovations in Agricultural Decision Making: Implications for Land Use and Sustainability
Interactions Among Human, Biological, and Physical Processes Within Large Lake Ecosystems Lake Erie
Integration of Human Choice into Models of Biogeochemical Cycling in Urban Ecosystems Minneapolis-St. Paul
Integrated Dynamic Modeling of Ecosystem Services, Incentive-Based Policies, Land-Use Decisions, and Ecological Outcomes
Homeostasis and Degradation in Fragile Tropical Agroecosystems Kenya various
Globalization and the Connection of Remote Communities: Environmental Implications
Feedbacks Between Complex Ecological and Social Models: Urban Landscape Structure, Nitrogen Flux, Vegetation Management, and Adoption of Design Scenarios Chesapeake Bay
Feedbacks Among Forestry, Agriculture, and Fire in Amazonia Amazonia
Environmental Governance, Forests, and Logging Concessions: The Effects of Institutional Complexity on Forest Systems, Cover, and Change in Central Africa Congo Basin