Dynamics of coupled human and natural systems: Spatial land use changes and ecological effects of mega-urbanization (EcoDynamics)

The existing fragmented knowledge of the relationships between the mega-urban development, land use/land cover and ecosystem services has been insufficient for policy makers and scientific community. It had been difficult to realistically instigate long-term plans towards the inclusion of the process of coupled human and natural system as a meaningful component of sustainable urban development. The present proposal aims to provide knowledge of how mega urbanization processes affect the LULC pattern at micro/regional level; which is ultimately vulnerable to ecological structures and functions especially at the interfaces of urban, peri-urban and rural areas. This will be based on studies along impact gradients in moderately to heavily-disturbed urban structures across megacity. The outcomes of the proposed research will be the provision of knowledge of how to mitigate the misuse of land use and how to improve the management of urban ecosystems for enhancing the socio-ecological sustainability of urban areas. Deliverables of the collaborative research will include the provision of guidance and dissemination of knowledge between scientists, stakeholders and decision makers. Furthermore, a customized toolset will also be developed for the urban growth modelling and prognosis. Other research outcomes will be incorporated into this application; integrated model and application will help in decision making process.

Lead Investigator: 
Other Investigator(s): 
Indicator based, Agent based, CA models
Temporal Scope: 
Spatial Scope: 
Natural System: 
Urban green and open spaces (Urban nature/Urban forest)
Human System: 
Socio-ecological (Landscape perception)