Lawrence, Ted

Lawrence, Ted
Foundation for Developing Sustainable Societies

Ted is a sustainable development professional and scientist who is passionate about advocating sustainability and bridging the disciplines of ecological anthropology, conservation biology, and ecological economics for sustainable development.  He has been an Energy and Environmental Policy Analyst for New York State since 2005.  His primary responsibilities involve energy modeling, forecasting, policy and economic analysis in support of statewide energy planning and climate action planning.  He is also chair of an Education and Outreach sub-committee of the state agency's Sustainability Committee.  Between 2006 and 2008 he served as an energy planning committee member of the Sustainable Development Task Force at the University at Albany.  In 2002 he was a full-time visiting instructor in Siena College’s Economics Department.

Ted has been awarded a field research grant from the University at Albany for sustainable development research in rural indigenous villages of the Ecuadorian Andes and Yucatan Mexico.  He’s also done field work in the Ecuadorian Andes were he built energy efficient wood burning stoves and planted native trees in the rural indigenous village of Larcacunga.  He posses a strong interdisciplinary education with a Master of Arts in Public Policy, concentrating on the System Dynamics of Sustainability, a Master of Arts in Ecological Economics, a Master of Science in Biodiversity Conservation and Policy, and a Master of Arts in Ecological Anthropology.  In January of 2006, he was an Ecosystem Ecology Scholar at the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies where he trained in the fundamentals of ecosystem ecology.  Since 2005 he has been a reviewer of sustainable development manuscripts submitted to the System Dynamics International Conferences.