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Total publications = 544
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Farmers’ competence and training needs on pest management practices: participation in extension workshops


Crop Protection 2009
Anthropogenic modification of the nitrogen cycling within the Greater Hangzhou Area system, China
Gu, Baojing, Jie Chang, Ying Ge, Hanliang Ge, Chi Yuan, Changhui Peng, Hong Jiang
Ecological Applications 2009

Richter, D.deB. and M.L. Mobley

Science 2009
Book Review: A companion to environmental geography

James D.A. Millington

Progress in Physical Geography 2009
Book Review: New models for ecosystem dynamics and restoration

James D.A. Millington

Landscape Ecology 2009
Modeling Human Agency in Land Change in Madagascar: A Review and Prospectus

McConnell, Bill

Madagascar Conservation and Devlopment 2009
Modelling Mediterranean Landscape Succession-Disturbance Dynamics: A Landscape Fire-Succession Model

Millington, James; Wainwright; John; Perry, George L.W.; Romero-Calcerrada, Raul; Malamud, Bruce D.

Environmental Modelling & Software 2009
Delayed Implantation in Giant Pandas: The First Comprehensive Empirical Evidence

Hemin, Zhang; Li, Desheng; Wang, Chendong; Hull, Vanessa

Reproduction 2009
Household actions can provide a behavioral wedge to rapidly reduce US carbon emissions

Dietz, Thomas; Gardner, Gerald T.; Gilligan, Jonathan; Stern, Paul C.; Vandenbergh, Michael P.

PNAS 2009
Article written on the background of the Nature paper (China's Environment in a globalizing world)

Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Science Focus (In Chinese) 2009
Soil Organic Carbon and Its Fractions Across Vegetation Types: Effects of Soil Mineral Surface Area and Microaggregates

Wu, Qingbiao; Wang, Xiaoke; Ouyang, Zhiyun

Pedosphere 2009
Recent Climate Trends on the Northern Slopes of the Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, China

Zhang, Hongfeng; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Zheng, Hua; Wang, Xiaoke

Journal of Mountain Science 2009
Integrating Population Size Analysis into Habitat Suitability Assessment: Implications for Giant Panda Conservation in the Minshan Mountains, China

Wang, Xuezhi; Xu, Weihua; Ouyang, Zhiyun

Ecological Research 2009
Comparisons of Carbon Storages in Cunninghamia lanceolata and Michelia Macclurei Plantations During a 22-year Period in Southern China

Niu, Dong; Wang, Silong; Ouyang, Zhiyun

Journal of Environmental Sciences 2009
Impact of China's May 12 earthquake on Giant Panda habitat in Wenchuan County

Xu, Weihua; Dong, Rencai; Wang, Xuezhi; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Li, Zhiqi; Xiao, Yi; Zhang, Jindong

Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 2009