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Total publications = 544
Title Author(s) Book/Journal Yearsort icon
Evaluation of conservation interventions using a cellular automata-Markov model

Mondal, Pinki; J. Southworth

Forest Ecology and Management 2010
Using cost-effective targeting to enhance the efficiency of conservation investments in payments for ecosystem services

Chen, XiaodongLupi, Frank; Viña, Andrés; He, Guangming; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Conservation Biology 2010
Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus fluxes in household ecosystems

Fissore, C.; Baker, Lawrence; Hobbie, Sarah; King, Jennifer; McFadden, Joseph; Nelson, Kristen; I. Jakobsdittor

Ecological Applications Online 2010
Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Local Support for Black Bear Recovery Strategies

Morzillo, Anita; Mertig, Angela G.; Hollister, Jeffery W.; Garner, Nathan; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Environmental Management 2010
Effects of Local and Regional Landscape Characteristics on Wildlife Distribution Across Managed Forests

Millington, James; Walters, Michael; Matonis, M.; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Forest Ecology and Management 2010
Comparing culture and ecology: conservation planning of oak woodlands in Mediterranean landscapes of Portugal and California

Santos, Maria & J.H. Thorne

Environmental Conservation 2010
Spatial Complexity, Informatics and Wildlife Conservation

Cushman, S; Huettmann, Falk

Springer Tokyo, Japan 2010
Panda Preservation: Remote sensing helps counter natural and human complications

McConnell, Bill; Liu, Wei; Liu, Mingchong; Viña, Andrés

GeoWorld 2010
China's Road to Sustainability

Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Science 2010
Potential future dead wood dynamics in a multi-ownership region: the Coastal Province of Oregon, USA

Kennedy, Rebecca; R.J. Pabst; K.A. Olsen and Spies, Thomas

Forest Ecology and Management 2010
Rearticulating the myth of human-wildlife conflict

Peterson, M. Nils; J. L. Birckhead; K. Leong; Peterson, Markus J.; and Peterson, Tarla Rai

Conservation Letters 2010
Computational Modeling and Neolithic Socioecological Dynamics: A Case Study from Southwest Asia

Barton, C. Michael; Ullah, Isaac; Mitasova, Helena

American Antiquity 2010
Agent-Based Urban Land Markets: Agent's Pricing Behavior, Land Prices and Urban Land Use Change

Filatova, Tatiana; Parker, Dawn; van der Veen, Anne

Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 2009
Land Market Interactions between Heterogeneous Agents in a Heterogeneous Landscape -- Tracing the Macro-Scale Effects of Individual Trade-Offs between Environmental Amenities and Disamenities

Filatova, Tatiana; van der Veen, Anne; Parker, Dawn

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 2009
Modeling wood acquisition strategies from archaeological charcoal remains

Marston, John M.

Journal of Archaeological Science 2009