Effects of attitudinal and sociodemographic factors on pro-environmental behaviour in urban China


Chen, Xiaodong; Peterson, M. Nils; Hull, Vanessa; Lu, Chuntain; Lee, Graise D.; Hong, Dayong; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Journal or Book Title: Environmental Conservation

Keywords: China, environmental attitude, new environmental paradigm, odds ratio, pro-environmental behaviour

Year Published: 2011


China currently faces severe environmental challenges, and information regarding the predictors of proenvironmental behaviour inChina is needed to manage them. This study addresses this need by modelling the sociodemographic and attitudinal factors predicting pro-environmental behaviour in urban China. Proenvironmental behaviour was modelled as a function of environmental attitude (measured using the new environmental paradigm) and various sociodemographic characteristics. Respondents who were employed, holding leadership positions, living in larger cities and single were more likely to participate in proenvironmental behaviour. These results accord with previous studies suggesting being female, younger,
highly educated and having environmentally oriented attitudes increased the odds of participating in proenvironmental behaviour. The rapid urbanization and economic development in China may significantly
impact pro-environmental behaviour in the future.

DOI: 10.1017/S037689291000086X

Type of Publication: Journal Article