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Total publications = 544
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Conservation of Giant Panda Habitat in South Minshan, China, after the May 2008 Earthquake

Xu, Weihua; Wang, Xuezhi; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Zhang, Jindong; Li, Zhiqi; Xiao, Yi; Zheng, Hua

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2009
Technical Research Needs for Sustainable Buildings: Results from a Multidisciplinary NSF Workshop

Klotz, L; Loftness , V; Henze, G; Sailor, David; Riley, D

Journal of Green Building 2009
An Introduction to the Biocomplexity of Sanak Island, Western Gulf of Alaska

Maschner, Herbert D.G.; Betts, Matthew W.; Cornell, J; Finney, Bruce; Huntly, Nancy; Jordan, James; Misarti, Nicole; Reedy-Maschner, Katherine; Russell, R; Tews, A; Wood, S; Benson, Buck

Pacific Studies 2009
Changes in Northeast Pacific marine ecosystems over the last 4,500 years: Evidence from stable isotope analysis of bone collagen from archaeological middens

Misarti, Nicole; Finney, Bruce; Maschner, Herbert D.G.; Whooller, Matthew J.

The Holocene 2009
Changing Surface Conditions at Kilimanjaro Indicated from Multiscale Imagery

Torbick, Nathen; Qi, Jiaguo; Ge, Jianjun

Mountain Research and Development 2009
Adapting MODIS-derived LAI and fractional cover into the RAMS in East Africa

Moore, N; Lofgren, B; Pijanowski, Bryan; Andresen, Jeffrey; Olson, Jennifer; Torbick, Nathen; Wang, J; Kim, DY

International Journal of Climatology 2009
Implications of future climate and atmospheric CO2 content for regional biogeochemistry, biogeography and ecosystem services across East Africa

Thornton, Philip; Doherty, R. M; Sitch, S; Lewis, S. L.; Smith, B

Global Change Biology 2009
Production risks associated with land use change and climate change in East Africa

Pijanowski, Bryan; Thornton, Philip; Olson, Jennifer; Andresen, Jeffrey; Campbell, David; Moore, N; Alagarswamy, Gopal; Lofgren, B

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 2009
Population and Warfare: A Test of the Turchin Model in Pueblo Societies

Kohler, Timothy; Cole, S.; Ciupe, S. M.

Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution 2009
Human Footprints on the Global Environment: Threats to Sustainability

Rosa, Eugene; A. Diekmann; Dietz, Thomas; C. Jaeger

Human Footprints on the Global Environment: Threats to Sustainability 2009
Group territoriality and the benefits of sociality in the African lion, Panthera leo

Mosser, Anna; Packer, Craig

Animal Behaviour 2009
Defensive purchasing, the safety (dis)advantage of light trucks, and motor-vehicle policy effectiveness, Transportation Research

Brozovic, Nicholas; A. W. Ando

Part B – Methodological 2009
Sport hunting, predator control and conservation of large carnivores

Packer, Craig; M. Kosmala; H. S. Cooley; H. Brink; L. Pintea; D. Garshelis; G. Purchase; M. Strauss; A. Swanson; G. Balme; L. Hunter; K. Nowell

Sport hunting, predator control and conservation of large carnivores 2009
'When the Well's Dry': Water and the Promise of Sustainability in the American Southwest.

Jenkins, David

Environment and History 2009
Evaluating Hunter Support for Black Bear Restoration in East Texas

Morzillo, Anita; Mertig, Angela G.; Garner, Nathan; Liu, Jianguo

Human Dimensions of Wildlife 2009