Simulation Modeling for Human Community and Agricultural Landuse

Journal or Book Title: Proceedings of the Agent-Directed Simulation Conference

Keywords: Agents; Cellular models; Discrete event simulation; DEVS; human agent models; Mediterranean landscape

Year Published: 2006


The Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics (MEDLAND) project seeks to better understand the impacts of early agropastoral activities on human societies. A hybrid agent and landscape simulation model is being developed to meet the project goals. The human and landscape models serve as both provider and consumer in this hybrid model. The devised approach allows these models to interact with one another while providing flexibility for either model to be changed in a systematic fashion. In this paper, we describe the MEDLAND simulation and detail models of human population growth as governed via their interactions with landscape. The agents, landscape, and the interaction models are developed as a combination of atomic, coupled, and cellular models realized in the DEVSJAVA environment.

Type of Publication: Meeting/Symposia/Seminar/Workshop Proceedings

Location: Huntsville, Alabama