A Greener Revolution in the Making?: Environmental Governance in the 21st Century

Journal or Book Title: Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development

Keywords: Steam; Air

Volume/Issue: 49/5

Page Number(s): 36-45

Year Published: 2007


Our ways of governing the environment are undergoing a revolution. The most salient feature of this revolution is that the primary actor that had been responsible for governing the environment for much of the post-World War II period--the state--is steadily becoming less important. In many instances, it is even being completely sidelined. This revolution is likely to gather steam as environmental problems become more urgent, connect in unforeseen ways, and create unexpected impacts. The profound implications of ongoing transformations require more careful, systematic, and thoughtful consideration than they have received in the past

DOI: 10.3200/ENVT.49.5.36-45

Type of Publication: Journal Article