Farmers' perceptions of safe use of pesticides: determinants and training needs



Journal or Book Title: International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health

Volume/Issue: 85

Page Number(s): 57–66

Year Published: 2012


With focus on the impact of age, farmers' perceptions of importance and competence on pesticide safety measures as well as factors that influence these perceptions were explored in Fars Province of Iran. Farmers' training needs on the pesticide safety measures were also identified and compared using the Borich Needs Assessment Model.
The study included 155 farmers who were up to 35 years old (young farmers), above 35 up to 50 years old (middle-aged farmers), and above 50 years old (old farmers). Farmers evaluated twenty-two pesticide safety measures divided into three stages of pesticide handling, i.e., before, during, and after use.
There was no significant relationship either between age and total importance of the safety measures or between age and total competence on the safety measures due to the impacts of other mediating variables. The most important predictors for the perceived importance and competence of farmers on the safety measures were the experience of pesticide-related adverse health effects in the past and the formal education of farmers, respectively.
The relationship between farmers' age and these two variables should not be considered either positively or negatively for predicting farmers' attitudes on safety issues of pesticide use without taking into account other mediating variables that can also affect farmers' behavior. Differences in the perceived importance and competence of farmers on the safety measures revealed considerably different needs of farmers for future training as a result of differences in age along with other background characteristics.

Type of Publication: Journal Article

Publisher: Springer