Distribution of Paraoxonase PON1 Gene Polymorphisms in Mexican Populations. Its Role in the Lipid Profile


Gamboa, Ricardo; Zamora, José; Rodríguez-Pérez, José Manuel; Fragoso, Jose Manuel; Cardoso, Guillermo; Posadas-Romero, Carlos; Vargas-Alarcón, Gilberto

Journal or Book Title: Experimental and Molecular Pathology

Keywords: Amerindians; Alleles; Genetic markersm; Genotypes; Mexican Mestizos; Lipid; Paraoxonase; Polymerase chain reaction; Polymorphism; Populations

Volume/Issue: 80/1

Page Number(s): 85-90

Year Published: 2005


Paraoxonase gene polymorphisms (PON1-55 and PON1-192) were determined in four Mexican populations (Mestizos, Nahuas, Teenek and Mayos) belonging to different ethnic groups. The role of these polymorphisms in the lipid profile in the Mestizo group was also analyzed. PON1 polymorphisms were determined by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism. Comparison among Mexican populations showed increased frequencies of PON1-55 L allele and LL genotype and decreased frequencies of M allele and LM genotype in the three Amerindian populations when compared to Mestizos (P < 0.05). Mexicans together with Asian populations (from Japan and China) presented the highest frequencies of PON1-55 L allele (P < 0.05 when compared to Caucasian populations). Heterogeneous data were noted when PON1-192 polymorphism comparison was made. In summary, distribution frequencies of PON1 showed that Mexican populations are more related to Asians than Caucasians. This confirms previous studies with other genetic markers indicating that Native Americans have stronger genetic affinities to the Paleolithic people of North-East Asia than to other major world populations. In Mexican Mestizos, lack of correlation between PON1 polymorphisms and lipid profile was found, corroborating previous data in other populations. The present data could be helpful to understand the distribution of these polymorphisms and its role as genetic and evolutive markers in the Amerindian populations.

DOI: 10.1016/j.yexmp.2005.05.006

Type of Publication: Journal Article