DeerKBS: A Knowledge-Based System for White-Tailed Deer Management


Xie, Jialong; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"; Doepker, Robert V.

Journal or Book Title: Ecological Modelling

Keywords: Knowledge-based system; Odocoileus virginianus; Deer management; White-tailed deer; Social carrying capacity

Volume/Issue: 140

Page Number(s): 177-192

Year Published: 2001


Recognizing that wildlife managers are facing many challenges (e.g. increased numbers and involvement of stakeholders) and decisions must be made on conflicting expectations and limited data, we developed a knowledgebased system for white-tailed deer management (DeerKBS) to assist wildlife managers in making informed decisions. This system employed wildlife managers’ expertise and knowledge, and standardized decision-making procedures for management. A ‘top down’ technique was used to divide the task of deer management decision-making process into four subtasks: (1) deer population evaluation, (2) deer habitat evaluation, (3) social carrying capacity evaluation, and (4) environmental evaluation. Each subtask was represented by a decision tree, developed and tested separately. The ‘top-down’ technique offers the flexibility to include more information when available. DeerKBS is an effective communication tool for presenting the decision-making process to stakeholders, and an educational tool to help users understand the complexity of the management decision-making process.

Type of Publication: Journal Article