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Foundations of Socio-Environmental Research - Legacy Readings with Commentaries 2023
PEOPLE AND NATURE - Levers and leverage points to sustainability People and Nature 2020
Governing flows in telecoupled land systems

Darla K Munroe, Mateus Batistella, Cecilie Friis, Nestor Ignacio Gasparri, Eric F Lambin, Jianguo Liu, Patrick Meyfroidt, Emilio Moran and Jonas Østergaard Nielsen

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2019
Guidance for assessing interregional ecosystem service flows

Thomas Koellner, Aletta Bonn, Sebastian Arnhold, Kenneth J. Bagstad, Dor Fridman, Carlos A. Guerra, Thomas Kastner, Meidad Kissinger, Janina Kleemann, Christian Kuhlicke, Jianguo Liu, Laura López-Hoffman, Alexandra Marques, Berta Martín-López, Catharina J.E. Schulp, Sarah Wolff, Matthias Schröter


Ecological Indicators 2019
An integrated framework for achieving sustainable development goals around the world

Jianguo Liu

Importing food damages domestic environment: Evidence from global soybean trade

Jing Sun, Harold Mooney, Wenbin Wu, Huajun Tang, Yuxin Tong, Zhenci Xu, Baorong Huang, Yeqing Cheng, Xinjun Yang, Dan Wei, Fusuo Zhang and Jianguo Liu

PNAS 2018
Interregional flows of ecosystem services: Concepts, typology and four cases

Matthias SchröterThomas KoellnerRob AlkemadeSebastian ArnholdKenneth J. BagstadKarl-Heinz ErbKarin FrankThomas KastnerMeidad KissingerJianguo LiuLaura López-HoffmanJoachim MaesAlexandra MarquesBerta Martín-López

Ecosystem Services 2018
Nested archetypes of vulnerability in African drylands: Where lies potential for sustainable agricultural intensification?

Sietz, D., Ordoñez, JC., Kok, MTJ., Janssen, P., Hilderink, HBM., Tittonell, P. and Van Dijk, H.

Environmental Research Letters 2017
Learning from non-linear ecosystem dynamics is vital for achieving Land Degradation Neutrality

Sietz, D., Fleskens, L. and Stringer, LC.

Land Degradation and Development 2017
Top 40 questions in coupled human and natural systems (CHANS) research

Daniel Boyd Kramer, Joel Hartter, Angela E. Boag, Meha Jain, Kara Stevens, Kimberly A. Nicholas, William McConnell and Jianguo Liu

Ecology and Society 2017
Strategies for sustainable management of renewable resources during environmental change

Emilie Lindkvist, Örjan Ekeberg, Jon Norberg

Proceedings B 2017
Micro-level explanations for emergent patterns of self-governance arrangements in small-scale fisheries—A modeling approach

Emilie Lindkvist, Maja Schlüter, Xavier Basurto

PLoS ONE 2017
Collaboration or fragmentation?: Biodiversity management through the common agricultural policy.

Mildorfová-Leventon, Julia; Schaal, Tamara; Velten, Sarah; Dänhardt, Juliana; Fischer, Jörn; Abson, David; Newig, Jens.

Mildorfová-Leventon, J. , Schaal, T. , Velten, S., Dänhardt, J., Fischer, J. , Abson, D. , & Newig, J.
Mildorfová-Leventon, J. , Schaal, T. , Velten, S., Dänhardt, J., Fischer, J. , Abson, D. , & Newig, J.
Land Use Policy 2017
Towards a more holistic sustainability assessment framework for agro-bioenergy systems — A review

Arodudu O.T.; Helming K.; Wiggering H.; Voinov A.

Environemental Impact Assessment Review 2017
Resilience in the rural Andes: Critical dynamics, constraints and emerging opportunities.

Sietz, D. and Feola, G.

Regional Environmental Change 2016