Comparisons of Carbon Storages in Cunninghamia lanceolata and Michelia Macclurei Plantations During a 22-year Period in Southern China


Niu, Dong; Wang, Silong; Ouyang, Zhiyun

Journal or Book Title: Journal of Environmental Sciences

Keywords: Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation; Michelia macclurei plantation; carbon storage; carbon allocation patterns

Volume/Issue: 21

Page Number(s): 8014-805

Year Published: 2009


Tree species composition was important for carbon storage within the same climate range. To quantify the dynamics of ecosystem carbon allocation as affected by different tree species, we measured the above- and below-ground biomass accumulation in 22 years, as well as the tissue carbon concentrations of trees in Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation and Michelia macclurei plantation. Results indicated that M. macclurei plantation significantly stored more carbon (174.8 tons/hm2) than C. lanceolata plantation (154.3 tons/hm2).
Most of the carbon was found in the soil pool (57.1% in M. macclurei plantation, 55.2% in C. lanceolata plantation). Tree and soil component of M. macclurei plantation possessed significantly higher carbon storage than that of C. lanceolata plantation (p < 0.05). No significant difference was found in the carbon storage of understory and forest floor. These results suggest that the broadleaved species (M. macclurei) possesses greater carbon sequestration potential than the coniferous species (C. lanceolata) in southern China.

DOI: 10.1016/S1001-0742(08)62344-X

Type of Publication: Journal Article