Quantifying surface gradients with a 2-band Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI2)


Mondal, P.

Journal or Book Title: Ecological Indicators

Keywords: Surface gradient model; Landscape metrics; EVI2; Landscape pattern; Protected area; India

Volume/Issue: 11 (3)

Page Number(s): 918-924

Year Published: 2011


Quantification of spatial and temporal heterogeneity has been given much attention in order to link ecological patterns to processes. The patch mosaic model, as an operational paradigm, has led to major advances in the field of quantitative landscape ecology. However, it is more realistic to conceptualize landscapes based on continuous rather than discrete spatial heterogeneity. While a conceptual shift has been proposed to supplement the patch mosaic model, few studies use the surface gradient model as a context. This paper explores some comparatively less-utilized metrics to quantify surface gradients in a protected landscape in Central India. Since surface metrics would require continuous variables capable of representing landscape characteristics, this study also explores the utility of a 2-band Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI2) as a gradient surface. Findings suggest EVI2 relates strongly with discrete land cover classes and thus has potential to describe landscape characteristics without incorporating error through subjectivity. Surface metrics used in this study show potential to be effectively used in landscape level studies. However, these metrics were not developed for landscape level studies and should be used with caution, especially when dealing with multi-scale patterns and processes. Nevertheless, with the rapidly emerging field of surface metrology more studies need to apply these tools to quantify surface gradients and test the robustness of such metrics.

Type of Publication: Journal Article