Zellner, Moira

Zellner, Moira
University of Illinois at Chicago

Moira Zellner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Policy and a Research Assistant Professor in the Institute of Environmental Science and Policy.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Moira earned her undergraduate degree in ecology at the Centro de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Exactas, and pursued graduate studies in urban and regional planning and in complex systems at the University of Michigan. Before coming to the US, she worked in Argentina as a consultant on environmental issues for local and international environmental engineering firms and for the undersecretary of Environment in the City of Buenos Aires, in projects related to domestic and hazardous waste management, river remediation, industrial pollution control, and environmental impact assessments. She also participated in interdisciplinary and international research projects of urban air pollution and of the spread of tuberculosis through public transportation.

In the US, her professional and academic work includes greenway development and river restoration projects in Miami Beach and in California, transportation surveys, and more recently, agent-based modeling of land-use change and ecological impacts. In her dissertation she shows how such models can be useful exploratory tools to study the complexity of urban and regional processes affecting the sustainability of groundwater in Monroe County, Michigan.