Wiederholt, Ruscena

Wiederholt, Ruscena
University of Arizona

Dr. Wiederholt has broad interests in conservation biology and quantitative ecology. At the University of Arizona, she is investigating the migratory patterns of Mexican free-tailed bats, the ecosystem services they provide, and strategies for their conservation. She is also involved in quantifying subsidies for ecosystem services and developing spatially-explicit models of habitat importance for migratory species. In addition, she is the primary coordinator of a USGS Powell Center working group’s efforts to model spatial subsidies of Mexican free-tailed bats, Monarch butterflies, and Northern Pintail ducks. Future research projects include modeling the impacts of climate change and wind turbines on Mexican free-tailed bat population viability and ecosystem service provision.

Research Interests: 
conservation biology, population dynamics, ecological modeling, tropical ecology, ecosystem services