Walker, Brian

Walker, Brian
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Resilience Alliance

Brian Walker is a research fellow with CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and is also program director and chair of the board of the Resilience Alliance, an international research group working on sustainability of social-ecological systems.

A key focus of his work is the significance of resilience (the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and to undergo change while still retaining essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks) in the sustainability of ecosystems and social-ecological systems.

Walker co-authored the 2006 book Resilience thinking: Sustaining ecosystems and people in a changing world.

He has served on numerous Australian and (previously) South African Boards and Committees and has co-authored two books, published over 160 scientific papers and edited and co-edited nine books.

Research Interests: 
significance of resilience