Venkatesh Dutta

Venkatesh Dutta
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

I am trained as Environmental Management Specialist with specialization in Regulatory Policy and Environmental Economics. My main research interests involve the modelling and analysis of social choice, governance and natural resources management.,/p>

My current research interests are River Restoration, Land-use planning along with zoning regulations, Environmental Impact Assessment, Urban Policies and Sustainable Cities. I am also interested in spatial patterns, process, cause and consequence of urban sprawl vis-a-vis environmental impacts.

My other area of expertise is economics of climate change with particular focus on design of markets and regulatory mechanisms. Currently, I am working on future architecture of international climate policy in facilitating adaptation decisions in developing countries particularly 'incentivising' them. I am also looking into alternate possibility of carbon markets with incentives for adaptation to balance risks and costs of climate change.

I greatly enjoy the diverse roles and responsibilities of a researcher and enterprising to contribute meaningfully both as an institution builder and a teacher. Currently I am employed as Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences and Management in a Central University (BBAU).

I have special liking for Indian classical music, photography and trekking. In my free time, I listen to music, paint or simply go for retreat in Himalayas. I love rivers and mountains, and in my own life time I want to see River Ganga and all her tributaries- free flowing (aviral), clean (nirmal) and natural (naisargik). Our recently concluded research on Gomti River, a tributory of River Ganga appeared in several national media reports leading to immediate regulatory interventions from the government for its conservation and ecosystem management (Read Here).

Research Interests: 
Natural Resource Management, River Restoration, Climate Change, Land use Planning