Trutnevyte, Evelina

Trutnevyte, Evelina
University College of London Energy Institute

My research interests revolve around the development of context-specific, spatially differentiated energy strategies. That is, how do feasible and appropriate energy strategies depend on the natural resources, available technologies, environmental constraints, socio-economic characteristics and institutional structures at a certain location. I currently work as a Research Associate at UCL Energy Institute. I received my PhD at the Natural and Social Science Interface group, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Before that, I received my Master's degree in Power Engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania. In addition to this engineering background, I acquired energy systems modelling and planning skills during exchange studies and fellowships at Aalborg University (Denmark), University of Oslo (Norway), Lithuanian Energy Institute, Power Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and during two years of energy and environmental consulting in Lithuania.

Research Interests: 
Energy, environment and society