Thompson, Jessica

Thompson, Jessica
Colorado State University

As an educator, I believe I have a responsibility to humanity to prepare my students to make compassionate and sustainable decisions in a complex world. Traditional academic training can give students the tools to pursue meaningful careers, but I’m interested in providing students with the resources and tools to become compassionate global citizens.

I believe compassionate global citizenry begins with a holistic education and field-based training. Students should be able to do more than pass a multiple-choice exam – they need to be able to relate and communicate with one another. They need to know how to negotiate knowledge, science, power and their identity. They need to understand the value of uncertainty, complexity, dynamic relationships, strategic interdependencies, and the power of feedback in eco and social systems.

I believe that Leadership Through Learning can provide this type of integrative education and experience for CSU students. I believe that our students will be the next generation of decision-makers and leaders, and I want to invest all of my resources in their future. I believe in LTL. I believe in the LTL students. I believe in a more sustainable and compassionate future.

Research Interests: 
Environmental Conflict, Environmental Communication, Group Decision Making, Popular Culture and Critical Theory related to Natural Resources, Peace and Reconciliation, Democracy and Deliberation