Stuart, Diana

Stuart, Diana
Michigan State University

As a social scientist at KBS, my research revolves around relationships between social and ecological systems, or social-ecological systems. I focus on managed landscapes, primarily agricultural lands, and explore land manager decision-making.

In many cases, information and tools exists to guide the use of more sustainable management practices that can reduce negative environmental impacts. However, barriers often exist that can prevent the adoption of these practices. These barriers include social, cultural, political and economic factors that constrain the choices of land managers. My work aims to explore these barriers and how they might be addressed.

My research methods involve personal interviews with land managers, focus groups, and mail surveys. Current research areas include an climate change mitigation and adaptation, water quality, wildlife conservation, and collabtorative management for ecological restoration.

While my work is very applied, it also remains theoretically grounded. I draw heavily from environmental sociology, political economy, and science and technology studies to contextualize my research and to contribute towards larger discussions regarding nature, society, and environmental issues.