Schmitt-Harsh, Mikaela

Schmitt-Harsh, Mikaela
Carleton College

My research interests fall broadly within the area of human-environment interactions in land change science. Current research in Latin America employs ecological inventories, GIS, and remote sensing to understand the role coffee agroforestry systems play in the global carbon cycle, the trajectories of change in coffee-forest landscapes over time, and the suitability of land for future expansion of tree-based agriculture. A second line of research in the Midwest, USA focuses on the relative influence of household-level decision-making and community-level institutions on urban forest landscapes. This research employs household surveys, ecological inventories, and GIS to gain insight on how social mechanisms influence ecological outcomes in urban landscapes.

Research Interests: 
agroforestry; coffee; land change science; Latin America; social-ecological systems; urban ecology