Rivera-Collazo, Isabel C.

University College London

My research combines geoarchaeology, archaeomalacology and anthropology to investigate the relationship between people and the environment, and in particular the process of human adaptation to climate and landscape change. My research can be classified into four main areas: 1) archaeological theory; 2) sea level change, island adaptations and human environments; 3) laboratory techniques to identify landscape change and evidence of human behavior within sediments; and 4) contributions of archaeology to modern issues. My most recent project applies a multiscalar approach of landscape and climate change in relation to social patterns of settlement, resource exploitation and culture change of mid-Holocene hunter-gatherers in the Caribbean archipelago, achieved through the micro and macroscopic analysis of organic and inorganic traces of human activity (sediment chemistry, magnetism and physical properties; microartifact content, mollusk resource exploitation and landscape change).