Ramesh H

Ramesh H
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

Dr. H. RAMESH, M.Tech., PhD.                                    

Assistant Professor,

Dept. of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics,

National Institute of Technology Karnataka

Surathkal, Mangalore-575025, India

Contact No. +91-9880173290

Email: hram_phd@yahoo.com,  



Course studied


Year of passing


(Water Resources Engineering)

National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

March 2008

M.Tech (Hydraulics)

The National Institute of Engineering,  Mysore

Nov. 2002

B.E (Civil)

Sir M.Viswesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Aug. 1999

Diploma (H.R.D)

Institute of Health Care Administration, Chennai

Oct. 1997

PUC (12th )

Vivekananda Junior College. Bangalore - 55

April- 1994

SSLC (10th )

Sarvodaya High School, Bangalore - 21

April- 1992


Programming language

Fortran77, C, C++, VC++


Visual Basic 6

Image processing software

ERDAS Imagine, Idrisi32

GIS software

Arc view GIS, Arc Info, SWAT, GPS

 Ph.D. / Research Title: “Development of Conjunctive use of Surface water and Groundwater model for sustainable development of Varada Basin, Karnataka”

Approach: Remote Sensing, GIS and Finite Element Method.


M.Tech project: Obtaining Curve Number for Lokapavani Catchment Using Remote Sensing and GIS.

Approach: Remote Sensing and GIS.

Paper publication:

Journal: National/international:

1.       VijayKumar Hindasageri, Ramesh, H. and Gourav. A,. 2011. Effect of variation of wave height and ocean condition on the performance of Savonious rotors utilizing the orbital motion of ocean waves in shallow waters. Journal of sustainable energy and environment (Accepted).

2.       Ramesh, H. and Dileep S. Savali, Sept, 2011. Development of Web Based Tourism Information System using GIS. Communicated to J. Tourism and Planning (Taylor & Francis)

3.       Ramesh H and Mahesha A. Sustainable yield estimation of a tropical, sub-humid groundwater basin. Communicated to J. of Hydrological Sciences (August 2011).

4.       VijayKumar Hindasageri, Ramesh, H. and Kattimani, S.C. 2011. Performance of savonious rotors utilizing the orbital motion of ocean waves in shallow waters. Journal of sustainable energy and environment.  Vol. 2, pp 117-119.

5.       Vyshali, Mahesha, A., and Ramesh, H., 2010. Parameter estimation and vulnerability assessment of coastal unconfined aquifer to salt water intrusion: A case study.  Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE, (in press).

6.       Ramesh, H., Pradeepa, M.P., and Putty, Y., 2010. Generating and mapping of SCS curve numbers using remote sensing and GIS for Lokapavani catchment, Karnataka. GIS Development Magazine Paper No. 213 (J. geospatial world).

7.       Ramesh, H and A.Mahesha, 2008. Simulation of Varada aquifer system for sustainable groundwater development, J. Irrig. & Drain.  Volume 134, Issue 3, pp. 387-399.

8.       Ramesh H and Mahesha, A. 2009. Conjunctive use in India’s Varada river basin. J. American Water Works Association (AWWA), Vol. 101, No 11, pp 74-83

9.       Ramesh. H and Mahesha A, 2006. An overview on planning and management of rural water supply- a case study. ISH journal, vol.12, No. 1, pp 61-72.

10.    Ramesh. H and Mahesha A. 2005. Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater – an over view. NITK research bulletin, vol.14, No. 2, pp 1-6.

Conferences: National/International:

1.       Ramesh. H. and Vani, S., 2012. Selection of suitable sites for small hydropower generation using GIS and remote sensing". Accepted for oral presentation in an international conference on Energy, environment and Application (IEEA 2012), will be held during March 17-18, 2012, Singapore.

2.       Ramesh. H.., 2012. Change Detection in Harangi Watershed using Multi-temporal Satellite Imagery. Accepted for oral presentation in an international Symposium on Mountain Resources Management in Changing Environment, will be held during May 29-31, 2012, Katmandu, Nepal.

3.       Ramesh, H., Santhosh L. and Jagadeesha C. J., 2012. Simulation of hydraulic parameters in water distribution network using EPANET and GIS. Proc. of an International Conf. on Ecology, Environment and Biological Sciences (ICEEBS’2012), held during January 7-8, 2012, Dubai, UAE.

4.       Ramesh. H and Mahesha A, 2011. Groundwater Modeling to Simulate Groundwater Levels Due to Interlinking of Rivers in Varada River Basin, India. 4th IEEE int. conf. on modeling, simulation and optimization, ICMSO-2011, 19th -21st April 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5.       Ramesh. H and Mahesha A, 2010. Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Crop Water Requirement in Semi Humid Region. Proc. of Nat. conf. on Sustainable water resources and management-SWaRM-2010, , 7-9 Jan 2010, NITK, Mangalore, India.

6.       Ramesh H and Mahesha. A. 2006. Steady groundwater flow modeling of Varada basin, Karnataka. Proc. Intl. Conference of EWRI of ASCE, held in December 2006,  New Delhi.

7.       Ramesh, H and Mahesha, A. 2005. Importance of Participatory Rural Appraisal in water supply and sanitation project. Proceedings of the Third Conference 5-9 March 2005 (Atlanta, Georgia USA) Publication Date 5 March 2005, 701P0105. Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan www.asabe.org. 

8.       Ramesh. H and Mahesha. A, 2005. Computation of aquifer parameters using step drawdown pumping test. Proc. National conference HYDRO-2005, pp 171-179 December 7-8, SIT, INDIA. 

9.       Ramesh. H, Pradeep. M.P., and Putty R.Y, 2005. Satellite image enhancement and classification for land cover area estimation. Proc. National conference HYDRO-2005, pp 271-277. December 7-8, SIT, INDIA.

10.    Ramesh. H and Mahesha A, 2004. ‘The role of participatory rural appraisal in water supply project’. Proc. National symposium on Natural resources management for sustainable development, 3-4, Dec. 2004, UVCE, Bangalore, INDIA.

11.    Ramesh. H and Mahesha A, 2004. ‘Watershed planning and management- an integrated approach’. Proc. International conference, LAKE 2004, 13-18, Dec. 2004, Bubaneswar, INDIA.

Book/Chapter Publication:

  1. Karthika B. S. and Ramesh, H., 2011. Estimation of Evapotranspiration and water productivity- Using Remote sensing data. Lambert Academic Publishing, UK. ISBN 978-3-8465-4053-4, Pages 76.

  2. Ramesh H. and Mahesha A., 2011. Chapter titled “Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater for sustainable water management” contributed to a book “Sustainable Development”. Intech Publications, UK. ( in Press).






Projects Guided:


Sl. No.

Project Title

UG/PG Course



Design of rainwater harvesting technique for NCET campus, Bangalore

BE.( Civil Engg),  2008



Planning and design of rainwater harvesting technique for proposed buildings.

BE. (Civil Engg), 2009



Estimation of evapotranspiration and water productivity using remote sensing data

M.Tech.  (2009)



Development of Tourism Information System for Karnataka State using GIS, India.

M.Tech. (2010)



Mapping  the potential hydropower sites in Sitha river basin using remote sensing and GIS

M.Tech  (2010)



Simulation of hydraulic parameters in water supply network using GIS and EPANET

M.Tech  (2010)



Potential hydropower estimation in Nethravathi River basin

M.Tech.  (2011)



Assessment of soil erosion in Nethravathi river basin using GIS and remote sensing

M.Tech.  (2011)



Dynamic change analysis of Sunderban estuary using Remote sensing and GIS

M.Tech.  (2011)



Impact of Climate change on hydrological regime

PhD (2010)




Research Interests: 
Water Resources engineering, Hydrology, Climate change, Remote sensing and GIS