Irwin, Elena

Irwin, Elena
Ohio State University

Elena Irwin 's area of specialization is regional and community economics. Her primary research interests focus on the causes and consequences of growth in local and regional areas, including changes in settlement patterns in suburban, exurban and rural areas; the life-cycle and policy factors that influence households’ residential location decisions; the value of open space and open space preservation policies; and the linkages among land use change, environmental amenities, and water quality. Her research applies theory and modeling techniques from the fields of spatial and regional economics, including the application of spatial econometrics and geographic information systems. Irwin 's extension outreach activities provide Ohio State personnel, local and state policymakers, and community leaders with technical information and analysis of population, land use, economic, and other growth-related changes in Ohio communities.

Research Interests: 
Regional & Community Economics - Regional Economics; Applied Spatial Analysis, including GIS and spatial econometrics; Land-use modeling