Hsieh, Fushing

Hsieh, Fushing
University of California - Davis

The primary achievement of my research group in the past five years is that I build an integrative foundation for discovering systemic characteristics by combining principles from three perspectives of: 1) Statistical physics: I quantify the deterministic structure through the lowest energy macrostate with respect to a suitably chosen Hamiltonian; 2) Computational geometry: I develop a new computing paradigm, called Data Mechanics, by building two highly coupled Ultrametric trees on row and column axes of any data matrix to bring out its multiscale block patterns as the optimal resolution for the macrostate; 3) Information theory: I take the mutliscale block patterns as minimum sufficient statistics of Kolmogorov’s algorithmic statistics, and construct algorithms for capturing mechanisms for inherent randomness within all involving blocks.

Research Interests: 
Data Mechanics and Integrative Pattern Inferences on Complex Systems