Haidvogel, Dale

Haidvogel, Dale
Rutgers University

Dr. Haidvogel's primary research interests include the coupled modeling of regional climate impacts (e.g., the ecosystems of the Northeast Pacific), numerical and laboratory studies of fundamental processes (e.g., flow-topography interaction), and the development of advanced algorithms for geophysical modeling (e.g., finite element and finite volume methods).

Dr. Haidvogel founded and directs the IMCS Rutgers’ Ocean Modeling Group, which has as one of it foremost goals the implementation, verification and interdisciplinary application of new regional and basin-scale ocean modeling systems, including coupled models for (e.g.) atmosphere/ocean, biogeochemical, and/or ecosystem response. Modeling software developed by the Ocean Modeling Group, and its colleagues, is now in world-wide application (see Ocean-Modeling.org)

Dr. Haidvogel has participated in the scientific planning and/or execution of many large-scale, multi-institutional and international oceanographic programs of the last three decades, including the Mid-Ocean Dynamics Experiment (MODE, PolyMODE), the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE), and most recently the Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics project (GLOBEC). He currently serves as Chair of the U.S. GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee.