Grogan, Danielle

Grogan, Danielle
University of New Hampshire

Danielle's current research focuses on the connections between climate change, water resources, and food security.  She uses hydrology models to investigate the following questions:

 - How will climate change alter water availability, and in turn impact food production?  Consider melting glaciers, changes in precipitation, and increasing temperatures.

 - How will human engineering projects change the spatial distribution of water?  Will projects such as large inter-basin transfers of water through canals alleviate or exacerbate water scarcity due to climate change?

 - How much water is needed to grow sufficient food for the planet's growing population?  How much of this water comes from unsustainable sources?

Danielle's background and training are in mathematics, hydrology, and paleoclimatology.  She has a BA in mathematics from Smith College (2009), and a MS in geological sciences from Brown University (2011).  Currently, Danielle is working toward her PhD as a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire. 

Research Interests: 
water resources, sustainable agriculture, climate change, food security