2009 CHANS fellows

2009 CHANS fellows with certificates

Colin Beier, research assocaite, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Research Interest: Sustainability of Forest Landscapes, Forest Ecology, Climate Change, Ecosystem Services, Forest Management and Governance

Zunguo Dai, doctoral candidate, Clark University
Research Interest: Land Degradation, Agricultural changes, Sustainability/vulnerability issues

Thomas Dilts, spatial analyst/research scientist, University of Nevada-Reno
Research Interest: GIS, remote sensing, riparian ecology, landscape similarity

Tobias Kuemmerle, researcher, Potsdam Institute for Climate Research
Research Interest: The goal of my research is to better understand coupled human-environment systems on the land and ultimately to help identifying sustainable futures for such systems. I am particularly interested in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and the land use changes that happened in this region after the breakdown of socialism. My work aims at monitoring land use change, improving understanding of its underlying causes, and exploring land use effects on ecosystem services and biodiversity. Spatially explicit analyses including remote sensing, GIS, statistical models, and landscape ecology tools are the main tools for my research.

Taal Levi, University of California–Santa Cruz

Hailong Li, doctoral candidate, Peking University
Research Interest: The complexity relationship among policy, indigene respond and biodiversity in protected area.

Sherry Martin, doctoral candidate, Michigan State University
Research Interest: The intersection of Landscape Ecology and Limnology

Jeffrey Milder, doctoral candidate, Cornell University
Research Interest: My work focuses on understanding and evaluating the outcomes of integrated land use models that have the potential to increase synergies between human wellbeing and environmental conservation. Within this theme, my focus has been on two types of systems: 1) agricultural mosaics in Central America that integrate farming with natural habitat and 2) conservation-oriented real estate projects that use development revenues to finance conservation activities. My research is rooted in the theory and methods of landscape ecology, but I also apply tools and perspectives from other disciplines in the natural and social sciences to understand these systems more comprehensively. In addition to research, I work to increase public understanding of promising integrated land use models through writings and presentations for scientific and practitioner audiences.

Anita Morzillo, assistant professor, Oregon State University
Research Interest: Ecology (landscape, wildlife, systems, and urban); human dimensions of natural resource management; integrating ecology and social science

Elizabeth Nichols, doctoral candidate, Columbia University
Research Interest: Ecosystem services, invertebrate-mediated ecosystem function, payments for environmental services

Jeanine Rhemtulla, assistant professor, McGill University
Research Interest: Landscape ecology, historical ecology, sustainability science, spatial analysis and GIS

Eric Roy, Ohio State University

Francisco Seijo, political science lecturer, Middlebury College School, Spain
Research Interest: Politics of landscape fires

Shiela Walsh, University of California–San Diego