Elinor Ostrom leaves inspiring legacy

Elinor OstromCHANS-Net has lost an inspiring collaborator, mentor and friend with the passing of Elinor Ostrom June 12.

The world knows Lin as the first woman Nobel Laureate in Economics. We have had the additional honor of knowing her as a visionary in understanding how crucial the connections are within and across coupled human and natural systems, and how to help scientists around the world expand their research to study CHANS.

Lin was one of the members of the CHANS-Net Advisory Board. She will be remembered for hercommitment to collegial and generous collaboration, the rare combination of intellectual rigor and true kindness, and a long career dedicated to finding answers to questions that matter. 

She was a mentor to many CHANS-Net members – her influence helped shape and strengthen our discipline.

Lin was the Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science and senior research director of the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University.

She is survived by her husband Vincent Ostrom, who is the Arthur F. Bentley Professor Emeritus of Political Science and founding director of the workshop.

Her workshop colleagues say Lin would have wanted any donations made to the Tocqueville Fund.

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a small tribute to the true champion of sustainable commons

Very very sad to hear about her passing - what a tremendous loss to all of us. Allow me to share a small personal tribute to her, which I felt compelled to write late last night. 

A wonderful lesson of transdisciplinarity

Elinor Ostrom has been an enormous example of transdisciplinarity, innovation, interest in pursuing both basic science and practice into real-world problem. This is an example that academia, government organizations, and any scientists and policy maker should take home. Thanks Elinor for your inspirational being anf for that 5 minutes converssation last summer. Great people go somwhere BUT their impact remain forever. 

Research Scientist University of Florida

Research Scientist ERDC USACE

Dr. Ostrom's Rachel Carson

Dr. Ostrom's Rachel Carson Lecture offers more insight into her pioneering work.