CHAN-Net is belle of AGU ball

Sue Nichols handles strategic communication for the CHANS-Net and is assistant director at the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability at Michigan State University. She is showing off her shiny new AGU membership card to whomever asks.

We came, we networked, we listened, we created more work!

CHANS-Net took the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in San Francisco by storm, sparkling and enchanting. Well, at least by scientific standards.

The CHANS–Net sessions were well attended. About 60 people attended the Town Hall meeting about research powered by the coupled human and natural systems approach.  Tom Baerwald, a veteran program director for the National Science Foundations CNH program was there to inform and inspire.

CHANS-Net signed up 21 new members. But this wasn’t just about numbers – it was about engagement.

People were intrigued by the prospect of integrating human systems into work often approached only on one research plane, and about resources available to approach the challenges that come with new research ventures.

A pair of workshops convened by CHANS-Net brought together dozens of members of the network to plan joint writing projects stemming from the work presented in oral and poster sessions of the first three days of the meeting, as well as discussions during the town hall meeting. The participants laid out a number of themes suitable for synthesis papers, special issues, or a book.

And the 10 CHANS-Net fellows –they participated, they bonded, and they rocked – already talking amongst themselves about how to take their new connections to the next level.

“It has been a very positive experience for me and I truly hope there will be opportunities to keep in touch and collaborate in the near future,” said Giuseppe Feola, a lecturer in Environment and Development, University of Reading.

Stay tuned CHANS-Net to find out about products, next steps and especially next ways to engage.

Enjoy a few snapshots -- especially a look at our CHANS-Net Fellows being honored!