July 28, 2014

Students, post-docs and junior researchers (e.g. assistant professors) across the world who want to expand their professional networks should apply for a 2015 NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Award.


July 8, 2012

A group of CHANS-Net scientists have published in the journal Regional Environmental Change.  The release, below, is courtesy of The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, funded through a National Science Foundation grant to the University of Maryland. The CHANS-Net members are Nicholas R. MaglioccaThomas K.


June 10, 2013

The New York Times explores human and natural systems in a desperate fight for balance in Cambodia. CHANS-Net principal investigator Jianguo "Jack" Liu and member Lewis Incze are quoted. The article, "Of Fish, Monsoons and the Future - A Push to Save Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake" can be found here.


May 16, 2014

In the Rupununi region of Guyana, the indigenous people rely on hunting and subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods. While earlier studies on sustainable management plans for these people have focused on only one aspect of sustainability -- resource use, for example -- new research by a group of CHANS-Net scientists uses a holistic model framework to look at the interactions between demographic growth, hunting, subsistence agriculture, land cover change and animal population.


March 26, 2014

GLobal Land Project logoDoug Boucher, Director of Tropical Forests and Climate Initiative for the Union of Concerned Scientists, is reporting from Berlin at the Global Land Project conference.

In the blog "The Equation" a CHANS-Net members popped up -  Eric Lambin

See the blog here.


March 25, 2014

A new way scientists – all kinds of natural and social scientists – are using to scrutinize some of the world’s biggest challenges in sustainability is getting its turn in the spotlight.

This week, a scientific publication written by Jianguo “Jack” Liu and some of the world’s most noted sustainability scholars, many of whom are CHANS-Net members, has been given the Ralf Yorque Memorial Competition Award as best paper in 2013.


March 19, 2014

Mountain Research Initiative and the University of Nevada at Reno are inviting presentations to 40 sessions approved for the Global Fair and Workshop on Long-Term Observatories of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems in Reno, Nev., on July 16-19.


Feb. 13, 2014

The National Great Rivers Research and Education Center is hiring a humans dimensions watershed sustainability scientist. The position is full-time and the focus is 100 percent research.


Feb. 3, 2014

Cities are growing rapidly. Across Europe, more than 70 percent of people already live in urban areas, including 80 percent of the United Kingdom population. This growth is creating increasing challenges for the natural environment on which cities affect and depend. Landscape ecology -- the study of interactions across space and time between the structure and function of physical, biological and cultural components of landscapes -- has a pivotal role to play in identifying sustainable solutions.


Jan. 22, 2014

Small farmers in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with few assets are more likely to change their farming practices to adapt to climate change if they have access to weather information and are part of a local agricultural or natural resource management-related group, according to new research by CHANS-Net members.

The paper, “Smalholder farmer cropping decisions related to climate variability across multiple regions,”