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Total publications = 544
Title Author(s) Book/Journalsort icon Year
Micrometeorological and Canopy Controls of Fire Susceptibility in a Forested Amazon Landscape

Ray, David; Nepstad, Daniel; Moutinho, Paulo

Ecological Applications 2005
The Impact of a Benthic Filter Feeder: Limitations Imposed by Physical Transport of Algae to the Benthos

Edwards, William J.; Rehmann, Chris R.; McDonald, Ellen; Culver, David

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2005
Fishing Rights or Fishing Wrongs?

Hilborn, Ray; Parrish, Julia K.; Litle, Kate

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 2005
Do Dreissenid Mussels Affect Lake Erie Ecosystem Stability Processes?

Conroy, Joseph D.; Culver, David

The American Midland Naturalist 2005
Ecological Change, Group Territoriality, and Population Dynamics in Serengeti Lions

Packer, Craig; Hilborn, Ray; Mosser, Anna; Kissui, Bernard; Borner, Markus; Hopcraft, Grant; Wilmshurst, John; Mduma, Simon; Sinclair, Anthony R. E.

Ecological Change, Group Territoriality, and Population Dynamics in Serengeti Lions 2005
A Statistical Model for In-Season Forecasts of Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus Nerka) Returns to the Bristol Bay Districts of Alaska

Hyun, Saang-Yoon; Hilborn, Ray; Anderson, James J.; Ernst, Billy

Economic Botany 2005
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Patch Departure Decisions by Herbivores at Multiple Scales

Searle, Katie R.; Hobbs, N. Thompson; Shipley, Lisa A.

Oikos 2005
Escaping the Tyranny of the Grid: A More Realistic Way of Defining Fishing Opportunities

Branch, Trevor A; Hilborn, Ray; Bogazzi, Eugenia

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2005
The Uncertain Value of Perfect ENSO Phase Forecasts: Stochastic Agricultural Prices and Intra-Phase Climatic Variations

Letson, David; Podesta, Guillermo; Ferreyra, R. Andrés

Climatic Change 2005
Interpreting Space Use and Behavior of Blue Tang, Acanthurus Coeruleus, in the Context of Habitat, Density, and Intra-specific Interactions

Semmens, Brice X.; Brumbaugh, Daniel; Drew, Joshua A.

Environmental Biology of Fishes 2005
Gain Functions for Large Herbivores: Tests of Alternative Models

Searle, Katie R.; Vandervelde, Thea; Hobbs, N. Thompson; Shipley, Lisa A.

Journal of Animal Ecology 2005
Modeling the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Interactions of Households, Landscapes, and Giant Panda Habitat

Linderman, Marc; An, Li; Bearer, Scott; He, Guangming; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Ecological Modelling 2005
Designed Experiments: New Approaches to Studying Urban Ecosystems

Felson, Alexander J.; Pickett, Steward T. A.

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2005
Multiple Methods in the Study of Driving Forces of Land Use and Land Cover Change: A Case Study of SE Kajiado District, Kenya

Campbell, David; Lusch, David P.; Smucker, Thomas A.; Wangui, Edna E.

Human Ecology 2005
Research Article Canopy Dynamics and Human Caused Disturbance on a Semi-Arid Landscape in the Rocky Mountains, USA

Manier, Daniel J.; Hobbs, N. Thompson; Theobald, David M.; Reich, Robin M.; Kalkhan, Mohammed A.; Cambell, Mark R.

Landscape Ecology 2005