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Total publications = 544
Title Author(s) Book/Journalsort icon Year
Investigating Coastal Processes Responsible for Large-Scale Shoreline Responses to Human Shoreline Stabilization

Slott, Jordan M.Murray, Brad; Ashton, Andrew

American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2006 2006
Understanding Effects of Institutional Partnerships on Rural Groups in Improving Livelihoods in Kenya

Amudavi, David M.; Kroma, Margaret M.; Davis, Kristin

International Teamwork in Agricultural and Extension Education’ 2006
SWARMing Mesa Verde: What we are Learning through the Village Ecodynamics Project

Kobti, Ziad; Reynolds, Robert; Kohler, Timothy


A Century of Archaeological Research at Mesa Verde National Park 2006
Supply, Demand, Return Rates, and Resource Depression: Hunting in the Village Ecodynamics World

Cowan, Jason A.; Kohler, Timothy; Johnson, David; Cooper, Kevin D.

Archaeological Simulation: Into the 21st Century 2006
Optimal Management of Groundwater over Space and Time

Brozovic, Nicholas; Sunding, David; Zilberman, David

Frontiers in Water Resource Economics 2006
Simulation and Imagination Fistfight in the Mesa Verde

Kobti, Ziad; Reynolds, Robert; Kohler, Timothy

In The Mesa Verde World: Explorations in Mesa Verde Archaeology 2006
Working Seascapes

Armsworth, P. R.; Kappel, Carrie V.; Micheli, Fiorenza; Bjorkstedt, E.

The Endangered Species Act at thirty: Conserving Biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes 2006
How Different Reforestation Approaches Affect Red Soil Properties in Southern China

Zheng, Hua; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Wang, Xiaoke; Miao, Hong; Zhao, Tongqian; Peng, Tingbai

Land Degradation & Develpment 2005
Effects of regenerating forest cover on soil microbial communities: A case study in hilly red soil region, Southern China

Zheng, Hua; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Wang, Xiaoke; Fang, Zhiguo G.; Zhao, Tongqian; Miao, Hong

Forest Ecology and Management 2005
Using the Spatial and Spectral Precision of Satellite Imagery to Predict Wildlife Occurrence Patterns

Edward J. Laurent; Haijin Shi; Demetrios Gatzilois; Joseph P. LeBouton; Michael B. Walters; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Remote Sensing of Environment 2005
Beyond Population Size: Examining intricate Interactions among Population Structure, Land Use, and Environment in Wolong Nature Reserve (China)

Liu, Jianguo "Jack"; An, Li; Batie, Sandra; Bearer, Scott; Chen, Xiaodong; Groop, Richard E.; He, Guangming; Liang, Zai; Linderman, Marc; Mertig, Angela G.;Ouyang, Zhiyun; Qi, Jiaguo; Zhang, Hemin; Zhou, Shiqiang

Population, Land Use, and Environment Research Directions 2005
China’s Environment in a Globalizing World-How China and the Rest of the World Affect Each Other

Liu, Jianguo "Jack"; Diamond, Jared

Nature 2005
Exploring Complexity in a Human-Environment System: An Agent-based Spatial Model for Multidisciplinary and Multiscale Integration

An, LiLinderman, Marc; Shortridge, Ashton; Qi, JiaguoLiu, Jianguo "Jack"

Annals of the Association of American Geographers 2005
The Effects of Urban Patterns on Ecosystem Function

Alberti, Marina

International Regional Science Review 2005
Population and Upland Crop Production in Nang Rong, Thailand

Entwisle, Barbara; Walsh, Stephen; Rindfuss, Ronald; Vanwey, Leah K.

Population and Environment 2005