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Total publications = 545
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Suitability of pesticide risk indicators for Less Developed Countries: A comparison.

Feola G., Rahn E., Binder C.R.

Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 2011
Quantifying surface gradients with a 2-band Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI2)

Mondal, P.

Ecological Indicators 2011
Participatory evaluation of agent-based land use models

Millington, James; Demeritt, David; Romero-Calcerrada, Raul

Journal of Land Use Science 2011
Combined long-term effects of variable tree regeneration and timber management on forest songbirds and timber production

Millington, James: Walters, Michael; Matonis, M.; Edward J. Laurent; Hall, Kimberly R.; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Forest Ecology and Management 2011
Gap-, stand-, and landscape-scale factors contribute to poor sugar maple regeneration after timber harvest

Megan Matonis; Michael Walters; James Millington

Forest Ecology and Management 2011
Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS): Approach, Challenges, and Strategies

McConnell, BillMillington, JamesReo, NicholasAlberti, MarinaAsbjornsen, HeidiBaker, LawrenceBrozovic, NicholasDrinkwater, LaurieDrzyzga, ScottFragoso, Jose ManuelHolland, DanielJantz, ClaireKohler, TimothyMaschner, Herbert D.G.; Monticino, Michael; Podesta, GuillermoPontius, RobertRedman, CharlesSailor, DavidUrquhart, GeraldLiu, Jianguo "Jack"

Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 2011
An Integration of Habitat Evaluation, Individual Based Modeling, and Graph Theory for a Potential Back Bear Population Recovery in Southeastern Texas, USA

Morzillo, Anita; Ferrari; Joseph R.; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Landscape Ecology 2011
Effects of attitudinal and sociodemographic factors on pro-environmental behaviour in urban China

Chen, Xiaodong; Peterson, M. Nils; Hull, Vanessa; Lu, Chuntain; Lee, Graise D.; Hong, Dayong; Liu, Jianguo "Jack"

Environmental Conservation 2011
AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting: Land-Use Changes in the Globalization Era 2011
AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting: Tropical Deforestation Driven by Urbanization and Agricultural Trade 2011
AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting: Integrated Assessment Models in Economics and the Geosciences 2011
AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting: Biological Invasions Elevating Ecological and Socioeconomic Challenges 2011
Top-down or bottom-up? Decentralization, natural resource management and usufruct rights in the forests and wetlands of Western Uganda.

Hartter, J.;  Ryan, S.J.

Land Use Policy 2010
Isotopic characterization of flight feathers in two pelagic seabirds: Sampling strategies for ecological studies

Wiley, Anne

Ostrom, Peggy

Stricker, Craig

James, Helen

Gandhi, Hasand

The Condor 2010
Space, Place, and Hunting Patterns among Indigenous Peoples of the Guyanese Rupununi Region

Read, Jane; Fragoso, Jose Manuel; Silvius, Kirsten

Journal of Latin American Geography 2010