Project Title Locationsort icon
Biocomplexity and Fisheries Sustainability Bristol Bay, Alaska
Synergies and Feedbacks Between Local Direct Democracy and Large-Scale Biodiversity Conservation Efforts California
Coupled Climate, Cultivation, and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape Central Great Plains
Feedbacks Between Complex Ecological and Social Models: Urban Landscape Structure, Nitrogen Flux, Vegetation Management, and Adoption of Design Scenarios Chesapeake Bay
Understanding Linkages Among Human and Biogeochemical Processes in Agricultural Landscapes Chesapeake Bay, US Midwest
Lakefront Project Chicago
Climate Effects on Tea Quality and Socioeconomic Responses China
The Effects of China's Grain-for-Green Program on the Dynamics of Coupled Natural-Human System in Rural China China
Coupling Human and Natural Influences on Coastline Evolution as Climate Changes Coastline of the Carolinas
Environmental Governance, Forests, and Logging Concessions: The Effects of Institutional Complexity on Forest Systems, Cover, and Change in Central Africa Congo Basin
Quantifying Linkages Among Land-Use Policies, Agricultural Intensification, Habitat Fragmentation, and Social-Ecological Resilience in a Tropical Biological Corridor Costa Rica
An Integrated Analysis of Regional Land-Climate Interactions East Africa
Dynamic Interactions Among People, Livestock, and Savanna Ecosystems Under Climate Change East Africa
Comparative Stability and Resiliency of Ecosystems: Five Centuries of Human Interactions with the Environment on the Eastern Shore of Virginia Eastern Shore of Virginia
Assessing Vulnerability of Provisioning Services in the Southern Highlands of Ethiopia Ethiopia
The Emergence of Coupled Natural and Human Landscapes in the Western Mediterranean Four Neolithic sites in Spain and Italy
Balancing Water Needs and Water Uses for Humans and Nature French Broad River, Southern Appalachians
Socio-Ecosystem Dynamics of Human-Natural Networks on Model Islands French Polynesia
Biocomplexity of the Greater Serengeti: Humans in a Biologically Diverse Ecosystem Greater Serengeti
IPY: Long Term Human Ecodynamics in the Norse North Atlantic: cases of sustainability, survival, and collapse. Iceland, SW Greenland, Orkney, Faroes, Shetland
Processes and Factors Affecting Humans and Wildlife As Coupled Systems Across a Sociocultural Gradient India and Malayasia
Biocomplexity of Integrated Perennial-Annual Agroecosystems Iowa wildlife refuge
A Social-Ecological Analysis of Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems of the Upper Midwest Iowa, Illinois and Michigan
Poyang Lake Ecology Study Jiangxi Province, PRC
Slowing the Expansion of Woodlands and Increasing the Resilience of Grasslands in the Southern Great Plains Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
Dynamics of coupled human and natural systems: Spatial land use changes and ecological effects of mega-urbanization (EcoDynamics) Karachi
Pastoralism in Transition: Linking Localized Interactions and System Behavior to Evaluate Social-Ecological Vulnerability Kenya
The Kuril Biocomplexity Project: Human Vulnerability and Resilience to Subarctic Change Kuril Island chain, NW Pacific
Interactions Among Human, Biological, and Physical Processes Within Large Lake Ecosystems Lake Erie
The Potential for Aquaculture in Lake Victoria and Implications for Wild Fisheries and Fish Commodity Markets Lake Victoria
CAREER: Pastoral Management of Open Access: The Emergence of a Complex Adaptive System Logone floodplain, Cameroon
Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project (Proposal title: Land-Use and Landscape Socioecology in the Mediterranean Basin: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of the Long-Term Interaction of Human and Natural Systems) Mediterranean Basin
Coupled Human/Ecosystems Over Long Periods: Mesa Verde Region Prehispanic Ecodynamics Mesa Verde
The Dynamics of Multi-Scalar Adaptation in Megacities Mexico
Towards an Integrated Framework for Climate Change Impact Assessments for International Market Systems with Long-Term Investments Michigan, central Europe
Integration of Human Choice into Models of Biogeochemical Cycling in Urban Ecosystems Minneapolis-St. Paul
Resilience of integrated agri-aquaculture systems in subtropical NE Argentina Misiones Province
Land use pressure and climate impacts on fire regimes and forest regeneration in the upper Tuul River watershed, Mongolia Mongolia
Interactive Changes of Ecosystems and Societies on the Mongolian Plateau: Mongolian Plateau
Ecosystems and Societies: Divergent Trajectories and Coevolution Mongolian Plateau
Investigating the Dynamic Intersections Among Economic Development, Urbanization, and Forest Degradation Mozambique
Simulating Complexity in a Dynamic Landscape: Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Nang Rong, Thailand Nang Rong, Thailand
An Analysis of Disturbance Interactions and Ecosystem Resilience in the Northern Forest of New England New England
Coastal Processes and Human Response to Shoreline Change New Jersey and Massachusetts coasts
Diversity and Disease in a Post-Trauma Urban Landscape New Orleans
Biocomplexity, Spatial Scale and Fragmentation: Implications for Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystems nine countries, four continents
A Model for Groundwater Allocation and Management at the Bakken Shale in Western North Dakota North Dakota
Linking Land-Use Decision Making, Water Quality, and Lake Associations to Understand Human-Natural Feedbacks in Lake Catchments Northeastern and Midwestern United States
Suburbanization, Water Use, Nitrogen Cycling, and Eutrophication in the 21st Century: Interactions, Feedbacks, and Uncertainties in a Massachusetts Coastal Zone Northeastern Massachusetts
The Pesticide Paradox: The Political Ecology of Vegetables and Global Food Regulation in Costa Rica Northern Cartago and Ujarrás Valley, Costa Rica