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Environment as Agent and Actor in Iron Age, Medieval, and Early Modern Ulster Northern Ireland
Understanding the Importance of Weak-Tie Networks in Complex Human-Environment Systems: Ecosocial Feedback in Multifunctional Agriculture NY, WI, MN
Developping frameworks for the interdisciplinary analysis of ecosyhstem services Pacific Coast of Mexico
Understanding and Modeling the Scope for Adaptive Management in Agroecosystems in the Pampas: Response to Interannual and Decadal Climate Variability and Other Risk Factors Pampas of central-eastern Argentina
Complex Interactions Among Urban Climate, Air Quality, and Adaptive-Reactive Human Response Portland Oregon and Houston Texas
Biodiversity Dynamics and Land-Use Changes in the Amazon: Multi-Scale Interactions Between Ecological Systems and Resource-Use Decisions by Indigenous Peoples Raposa Indigenous Area, Brazil
Complex Ecosystem Interactions Over Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales: The Biocomplexity of Sanak Island Sanak Island in the Aleutian chain of Alaska
Urban growth, vulnerability and adaptation: social and ecological dimensions of climate change on the Coast of Sao Paulo São Paulo State, Brazil
Urban Landscape Patterns: Complex Dynamics and Emergent Properties Seattle, Phoenix
The Coupled Human Health and Environmental Dynamics of Schistosomiasis Senegal river system, East Africa
Pastoralists and the state in Iron Age and Medieval Sweden Småland, Sweden
Paleoclimate shocks: environmental variability, human vulnerability, and societal adaptation during the last millennium in the Greater Mekong Basin Southeast Asia
Landscape Design Guidelines for Mitigating Human Rick of Exposure to Lone Star Tick-Associated Pathogens St. Louis, MO
Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability through Integrated Social and Ecological Research in Sub-Saharan Africa: The ClimAfrica Project. Sub-Saharan Africa
The New 100th Meridian: Urban Water Resiliency in a Climatic and Demographic Hot Spot Texas
Biocomplexity: Integrating Models of Natural and Human Dynamics in Forest Landscapes Across Scales and Cultures Texas, Venezuela
Managing Impacts of Global Transport of Atmosphere-Surface Exchangeable Pollutants in the Context of Global Change The Laurentian Great Lakes
Disparate Scales of Process and Nearshore Fishery Management U.S. West Coast
Agrarian Landscapes in Transition: A Cross-Scale Approach United States, Mexico, France
The Driving Forces and Environmental Consequences of Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in the Upper Yangtze Basin of China: A Multi-Scale, Integrative Approach Upper Yangtze Basin of China
Coupling Hydrologic, Economic, and Social Network Models to Improve Understanding of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions for Protection of Instream Flows US Midwest
Creating a Global Network for Freshwater: Phase I, Developing Websites to Share Fresh Water Databases between Research Institutions in Latin America and the U.S.A. USA and Latin America, Global
Coupling Burning Practices, Vegetation Cover Change, and Fire Regimes to Determine Fire-Emission Dynamics West African Savanna
Complex Interactions Among Policies, People, and Panda Habitat in the Wolong Nature Reserve Landscape Wolong Nature Reserve, China