Tucker, Catherine

Tucker, Catherine
Indiana University

Exploring human-environment interactions and evaluating possible approaches toward local and global sustainability constitute my central research interests. I am particularly interested in change processes and interactions linking people, forests and watersheds within complex social-ecological systems. A key component in my work is the study of the institutions (defined as the rules, norms and values) associated with local and multi-level collective action and development processes. Much of my work focuses on mountainous regions of Latin America, where I have been studying the challenges faced by agrarian populations to manage their natural resources sustainably and strengthen their resilience to economic and environmental stressors. To examine ongoing processes of change, I combine ethnographic fieldwork and survey methods with the techniques of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My research crosses disciplinary boundaries and involves collaborations with international colleagues working in the natural and social sciences.

Research Interests: 
Ecological Anthropology, Political Ecology, Community Forestry, Collective Action, Common Property, Economic Development, Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, Latin America