Metzger, Kristine

Metzger, Kristine
University of British Columbia

Metzger is an applied terrestrial landscape ecologist. Her research focuses on understanding human and natural drivers of land change and disturbance and their impacts on the sustainability of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Serengeti Ecosystem, Tanzania, East Africa.

She uses field studies, remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS) analyses and spatial modeling to understand long term ecosystem dynamics, detect the effect of disturbance, and compare biodiversity among land use areas. For instance, she has incorporated spatial and temporal data in GIS models to understand vegetation dynamics, to determine optimal locations for the reintroduction of black rhinos and to assess anti-poaching strategies in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

She also has worked on a landscape ecosystem study aimed at understanding carbon and nitrogen cycling in Yellowstone National Park following stand replacing fire.

Research Interests: 
land change, land disturbance, sustainability, biodiversity, ecosystem services, Serengeti ecosystem